Meet the Committee

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Steve Beal

General Committee Member. I've been a part of the Royal Dean Forest CC since 2014. Throughout my life bikes have always played a key part. I enjoy both mountain biking and road riding all just for the love of riding bikes now..... I've raced various different bicycles over the years from BMX as a kid, fully rigid mountain bikes in the 90's, to more recently road racing on the CRRL circuit. I'm always happy to help out in any way I can, fixing bikes, cycling advice etc, if you have any questions please ask.

Ali Colquhoun

Kit Officer: I joined the club soon after moving to the Forest two years ago, the club is full of great people who are very generous with their knowledge and I have learnt so many great routes through riding with the club. I enjoy road rides and am very keen on MTB as well, I am a terrible time-trialist but I have a go.

John Linden

Club Time Trial Secretary and President: Long term member of RDFCC. Keen all round cyclist covering through the years, commuting, touring, MTB, TTs, sportives, audax and bikepacking. The longer and wilder the better for me.

Dave Bucknall

Race Secretary: I moved to the Forest about in 2015 and joined the club pretty much straight away. They're a great bunch and very welcoming. I started out racing road races and crits as a teenager but after a long pause I got drawn into time trials.. I also get out on an mtb when I can as the forest is such an amazing place to ride.

Digby Rusling

Membership Secretary: I’ve been a member of RDFCC since I moved to the area in 2012. I’ve had a go at MTB XC, Cyclocross, Road Racing and track but racing against the clock in time trials has been the constant though the years. I’m father to a young cyclist too, and loving sharing a passion with him.

Paul Jones

Vice Chairman and Rides Co-ordinator: I have been a member of RDFCC since the age of 13 (Apart from a brief spell overseas).
I enjoy all aspects of cycling particularly road and cyclocross.
I have a young family which stop me from cycling as much as I should!
Happy to answer any questions on the area or the club.

Michelle Lee

Club , Ladies and Kit Secretary: I have been a member of RDFCC since I moved to the area in March 2018. I've been competing in sport at a high level for 20 years and still compete in Time Trials. My kids have grown up and I have a big black dog! I am an ambassador for inclusion and equality, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Matt Neale

Chairman: I first joined the club in about 1979 and rode a few time trials and club rides for several years. Moving away saw a gap until 2014 when I rejoined. Over the years I have ridden on all sorts of terrain but nowadays it's mostly on the road or the gravel. Known for accumulating a collection of "project " bikes, some of which get finished.