RDFCC AGM 7th October 2020

Matt Neale

Sat Oct 03 2020 23:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Are you free to join virtual meeting and want to contribute to the club's future?

Due to the restriction placed upon us by the current Covid 19 situation this meeting will be online via the mdeium of Zoom. This is quite easy to use and an electronic link will be posted both on the club website and the Fcaebook page before the meeting.

The meeting is open to all paid up club members.

The two main parts to the meeting are the discussion of any agenda items and the election of officers.
Agenda items.
If any member has any thing that they would like to add to the agenda please contact the club's chairman, Matt Neale. Due to the circumstances it might be that things can be better dicussed in normal club meetings if they do not affect the way the club is run.

Election of officers.
Our current committe of elected officers is as follows:
Chairman, Matt Neale
Vice Chairman, Paul Jones
Secretary, Michelle Lee
Treasurer, Murray Biggs,
Race Secretary, Dave Bucknall
Time Trial co-ordinator, John Linden
Club kit co-ordinator, Jonathon Shergold.
Ladies Rep, Michelle Lee
Membership Secretary, Digby Rusling
General Committe member, Craig Buffry
General Committe member, Rob Newth

Some officers are not standing this year and others are happy to carry on. Either way, all positions are open to elections. If you wish to either propose a committe member, current or potential, or volunteer fo a role please let Matt Neale know. Nominations should also be seconded, either at the time or as requested later. In the days before the meeting all nominations will be publicised and members will be invited to vote as they wish. Voting will be considered closed at the meetings end. (Note. We would be crazy to let Michelle or John Linden escape!)

Being a committee member is not onerous. It does require you to attend most of the meetings ( 1st Wednesday of every month) be they face to face or online. We understand that not everyone can make all meetings. This is fine but we do need enough people to make decisions. You will realistically need to be able to check the commitee Face Book page regularly as this is where much of the day to day work is done in the current circumstances. Enthusiam is the main thing though.
Please join using the link below: