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Club Ride Report

The group set off as the bells were striking nine. A quick warm up to Bream before dropping into the Wye Valley. After passing approximately 47890 other cyclists we crossed the Severn Bridge. A brief debate was had as to whether it was a hill or was decided that it was.

National cycle route 41 was taken to Slimbridge where we treated to a coffee (from a machine) at the Black Shed.

Feeling refreshed the group set off for Gloucester. After avoiding the glass and burnt out cars on the cycle track through town, the riders used the back lanes of Northwood Green and Flaxley to work their way back to Parkend. Everyone relished going up the Widow Maker with 65+ miles in their legs.

Back at Parkend Steve decided to try and bunny hop the kerb back into the Fountain and predictably fell off.

In all 80 great miles.

Special mention to Digby who rode to the start from Chepstow...and rode back...then still had enough energy to take his young son for a ride...112 miles in total....Urber Kudos.

Notes for next week:

1) Facemasks are required for coffee stops.
2) A ride leader is still needed (I'm back to work).

Paul Jones

25 July 2020 at 23:00:00

10 members out on today's loop of the Severn. Digs, Andy, Paul, Paul, Ali, Sara, Steve, Ian, Lewis and Matt.

Emila, Jarek, happy single guy, Iwona, Matt. The farewell and start of my adventure 2 May 22.

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