Cycling for everyone: Equality

RDFCC are committed in promoting cycling for all, and anyone is welcome to join, and is fully inclusive, irrespective of gender, race or religion.

Additionally, we are currently working on a schedule of cycling events designed by and for women. Want to contribute? We’d love to hear your ideas. Email our women’s representative Michelle Lee.

Rather than a prescriptive format, we asked local women what kind of rides that they’d like to join – and in 2020 we will launch a new schedule of rides that are women friendly – to follow on  our Club Calendar. Non-club members are  welcome to join too. We suggest you consider joining the club after a few rides – which gives you the opportunity to try it out before committing to membership. 

Gender equality: What this means to the club:

RDFCC are committed to inclusion and diversity.  The club aims to reflect this by ensuring that competitive events recognise and distribute rewards equally between it's competitors.


In the RDFCC Open Time Trial in 2020, there will be no difference between the prize offered to the men and women's event winners, and depth of prizes and awards will be the same.