TT Results so far

Results for 6th May UC620

A bit windy and wet but at least the time keeping went ok. Strong PBs for Thomas, Lance and James and “oh so close” to the “26 mins” for Ashley. Thanks to Adam marshaling  and Bart pushing off.

25:44 Dave HUTCHINSON VC St Raphiel
27:01 PB(27:19) Ashley HUTCHINSON (Jun) VC St Raphiel
27:45 Digby RUSLING
28:14 Ben GIBSON
28:45 PB(30:31) James MOVERLEY
29:01 Paul JONES
29:08 James PECKHAM
29:19 PB(29:55) Tomas ABSALON (Juv) Cardiff Jif
30:20 Clint KEYSE
31:17 Martin HOWITT
35:46 Bailey RAFFERTY (Jun)
35:57 PB(36:22) Lance HUTCHINSON (Juv) VC St Raphiel


Results 29th April UC620

Apologies for the timing issues (rain on touch screen?). Anyhow using Strava times from TT segment for selected riders + their average starting time (the Strava segment start is a few meters on from the actual – for typical rider the Strava time is ~12sec short) to adjust the recorded finish times the following results are generated. The error should be fairly small (couple of secs max) – so the riders who said they rode <23mins can chuck their computers in the bin with my smartphone! Thanks to Earl marshaling and Ashley pushing off.

24:04 Colin PARRY BH Bikes Solidor WAM Youth
26:04 Dave HUTCHINSON VC St Raphiel
26:15 PB(26:28) Jared LINDEN
28:00 Ben GIBSON
28:04 PB(28:41) Steve WILLIAMS
29:20 Paul JONES
29:43 PB(30:03) Rob NEWTH
30:08 Martin GREEN
30:12 Tomas ABSALON (Juv) Cardiff Jif
30:36 James MOVERLEY
31:03 PB(32:02) Martin HOWITT
33:58 Henry McGILL
36:22 Lance HUTCHINSON (Juv) VC St Raphiel


Results 22nd April UC620

Good start to the season with 15 riders out on the Tintern 10 course.

24:46 Earl SMITH Climb on Bikes
26:20 Dave HUTCHINSON VC St Raphiel
26:28 PB(26:33) Jared LINDEN
27:23 Ash HUTCHINSON (Jun) VC St Raphiel
27:38 Adam TAYLOR
28:40 Digby RUSLING
28:41 Steve WILLIAMS
28:56 Kerry TRIGG
29:55 Tomas ABSALON (Juv) Cardiff Jif
30:04 Rob NEWTH
30:31 James MOVERLEY
32:02 Martin HOWITT
32:55 Steve ARDEN
33:04 Josie Evans
35:00 Bailey RAFFRTY (Jun)