Junior Ride Report 22/04/12

Junior Ride Report 22/04/12 by Dan
What a difference the weather makes. The dry, fast trails we all enjoyed last time out are now
slow and sticky up the hills or slick with seemingly Teflon coated roots when trying to descend.
Despite heavy showers the week before and a poor forecast the morning was dry and a small
but keen group gathered at the Kona Café to see what the woods would hold for us. Following
much talk of the Time trials the coming week we hatched a plan to make the most of the
morning whilst leaving an easy break for base if and when the weather broke. I was to take the
keener, faster group and Alan was to take a more leisurely route.

Setting off up the hill behind the café the kids got going at quite a lick but soon fell over
each other whilst climbing over the roots resulting in a slow but definite fall into a bramble bush
for one. After a quick check over and brush down and we were away heading around Oakenhill
wood, up the old railway and on though to Mallards pike.
Following the Cycle path up to New Fancy we cut across then up to Boys Grave with
the boys storming ahead enjoying the flatter run along the ridge and looking forward to the
descent to the stone works. As expected the run down was very wet and slippery but a lot of
fun despite a few minor offs. Manualing the mud holes and bouncing off the trees we all made
it down in one piece and I was very impressed by the way the lads handled it and the speed
they attacked it at whilst maintaining control (just). The muddy faced smiles at the bottom said
it all.
Having regrouped snacks and drinks were deployed and we were soon heading off
again. They were all keen to do more of the same so we set off heading up the old Bixslade
tram road to gain some height. Whilst being of a reasonable gradient it is a relentless climb
with the old stone sleepers making you stay alert and upsetting your rhythm. Many older riders
find it a tough climb but the group dealt with it very well encouraged by my promises of a good
run from the top.
A quick hack across the flatter back lanes and tracks of Coalway allowed a degree of
recovery and took us across to Ellwood for the run down Doughy’s back to Parkend. The sky
was darkening and large drops of rain were starting to fall so we were glad to get out of the
open and under the trees again.
None of the group had been up here before and my talk of dropping seats and running
out to the main track if needed didn’t seem to put them off. Going on ahead slightly I could
make sure the trail was clear whilst everybody else got into pumping through the ditches
and hopping the roots. In the lower, more open section, a new double jump had been built
which I had to stop the kids going over. If not fully committed you’d run straight into the log
supporting the landing (everything else on the run could be rolled over if needed). A group of
older riders following us down also gave it a wide birth despite me getting well out their way.
This highlighted to all that even when you think you know a trail you still have to keep your wits
about you.
At the bottom tales of thrills and spills were exchanged before the final push back to the
start along the cycle path. Just five minutes later, around midday, we were rolling into the bike
racks back at the Kona Café ready to pile into the milkshakes coffee and cake.

Over about thirteen miles this morning we’d slogged through mud, climbed long hills, fallen into
brambles, tackled technical downhill and generally had as much fun as pigs in slop with smiles
all round at the end. Despite being tired the kids were already making plans for their next trip
out and seemed full of confidence for the upcoming junior time trials. I’m out now for a while
following knee surgery; it’ll be some time before I’m fit enough lead this group out again!

Alan had a slightly less challenging time riding out with his daughter but it sounds like they still

had an excellent ride encountering both a family of boar and some deer. Maybe the coating of
mud helped to disguise their approach a little?

Cannop x1 – 17 April – Results

12 riders out on this “iffy” evening – the weather threatened but the rain held off. Cold air and wind made the going difficult.


16:34 Dave HUTCHINSON VC St Raphiel
16:59 Paul SHARPE
17:26 Jamie STREATHER VC St Raphiel
17:39 Matt HEAMAN
17:49 Nick BAINTON Bognor Regis
18:04 Jon BATTS
18:16 Kerry TRIGG Ross
18:23 PB (19:25) Ashley HUTCHINSON (Juvenile) VC St Raphiel
19:10 Brett IRELAND
20:11 Andy DALLOW
21:37 Rob NEWTH
24:06 Dale REED


Thanks to Alan for time keeping, Jim and Kevin for pushing off, Andy, Josie and Earl marshaling

Next week: Lydbrook – 19:00 start

RDFCC Open 25 2012 Report

On Sunday 25th March the club promoted an open 25 mile time trial on the popular Usk to Monmouth course. This was the club’s first open time trial for many years and was the brainchild of Paul Sharpe. The event went very smoothly with over 80 riders competing and perfect if slightly cold weather.


Three riders from the club took part with Chairman Matt Heaman leading off as the first rider. Matt returned a respectable time of 59.09.


The second club rider off was Andy Parker, who managed 1.00.30. Andy is on the way back to full fitness after a serious accident and looks set for a good season.

Third rider off for the club was Dave Pearce. Dave was racing on the course for the first time and sadly went of course early on and added at least 7 uphill miles to the route. Dave’s time of 1.22.23 was still over 30 seconds fastest than the slowest rider.


The event was won by Bynea CC’s Kieron Davies who rode very well for a time of 51.29. Second was John Wynn (Northover Vets) with Mark Hammond (Club Stourbridge Velo) third. Thank you to all of the riders and marshals who made the event such a success. Paul is already planning next year’s event.

Matthew Heaman



RDFCC Open 25 2012 Results

Pos Rider Club Time N1
1 Kieron Davies Bynea CC 00:51:29
2 Jon Wynn Northover VT Rudy Project 00:51:48 00:15:13
3 Mark Hammond Club Stourbridge Velo 00:51:55
4 Paul Gamlin Avonlea Treasure RT 00:53:23 00:12:37
5 Ben Phillips Bynea CC 00:54:25
6 Anthony Jones Towy Racing RC 00:54:35
7 David Barnes Team Echelon Rotor 00:54:47 00:12:14
8 Steve Potts Somerset RC 00:55:15 00:13:13
9 Rhys Payne Porth & District CC 00:55:26
10 Colin Wallace Merthyr CC 00:56:06 00:11:39
11 Chris Martin Yeovil CC 00:56:25 00:10:36
12 Darran Carpenter Cwmcarn Paragon 00:56:38
13 Colin Yeates Sotonia 00:57:18 00:11:10
14 Andrew Stokoe Cwmcarn Paragon 00:57:22
15 Paul Coles Chippenham & Dist Whs 00:57:28
16 Paul Cannon Porth & District CC 00:57:32 00:12:09
17 Paula (F) Moseley Climb on Bikes RT 00:57:38
18 Christopher Lee Merthyr CC 00:57:41 00:08:57
19 Steve Duddrridge Climb on Bikes RT 00:57:42
20 Christopher Jones M & D Cycles 00:57:43 00:09:07
21 Andy Hunt Ystwyth CC 00:57:45
22 Steven Bennett Acme Wheelers 00:58:00
23 Delwyn Jones Wreckinsport CC 00:58:21 00:08:17
24 Paul Stephens Ross & District CC 00:58:40 00:07:46
25 Kevin Jones M & D Cycles 00:58:47 00:07:26
26 Andrew Sparks Hereford & District Wheelers 00:58:48 00:09:08
27 Justyn Davies Towy Racing CC 00:59:04 00:07:22
28 Tim Goodall Stourbridge CC 00:59:05
29 Matt Heaman RDFCC 00:59:10 00:07:51
30 David Evans Worcester St. Johns 00:59:11 00:09:40
31 Robert Jones Ogmore Valley Wheelers 00:59:20
32 Dan Field Ystwyth CC 00:59:23
33 Karl Davies Club Stourbridge Velo 00:59:23 00:08:22
34 Anthony Cowdry VC L’Escargot 00:59:27
35 Paul Lambert Chippenham & Dist Whs 00:59:56 00:07:05
36 Mark Williams VC L’Escargot 01:00:18 00:08:10
37 Justin Parker Cardiff Ajax 01:00:20
38 Graham Carter Ross & District CC 01:00:27 00:06:46
39 Des Astley Merthyr CC 01:00:28 00:07:06
40 Andy Parker Royal Dean Forest CC 01:00:30
41 Paul Jones Ystwyth CC 01:00:39
42 Matthew Phillips Bynea CC 01:01:40
43 Mick Hazlewood Warwickshire RC 01:01:48 00:07:40
44 Mark Alexander Ogmore Valley Wheelers 01:01:54
45 Adrian Adams Cardiff Ajax CC 01:02:02
46 Matthew Clarke Chippenham & Dist Whs 01:02:21
47 John Murphy Glos City CC 01:02:28 00:11:16
48 Hughes Ken CC Abergavenny 01:02:43 00:05:02
49 Peter Murriere M & D Cycles 01:02:43 00:05:45
50 Sarah(F) Lloyd-Stevens Hereford & District Wheelers 01:03:15
51 Adrian Sullivan Merthyr CC 01:03:34 00:07:05
52 Clint Welson Hereford & District Wheelers 01:03:39
53 Don Tanner Gillingham and Dist Whs 01:04:10 00:05:05
54 Allen Janes Bristol South CC 01:04:56 00:06:17
55 Chris Boulton Newbury RC 01:05:01 00:02:33
56 Max Suff Ross & District CC 01:05:08 00:02:59
57 Graham Hughes Corinium 01:05:11 00:01:39
58 Ed Hadley Hereford & District Wheelers 01:05:36
59 Nicholas Forbes Bynea CC 01:05:44 00:00:16
60 Michael George Pembrokeshire Velo 01:06:16
61 Gerry Pippin Corinium CC 01:06:51 00:00:54
62 Ron Boast Ogmore Valley Wheelers 01:07:27 00:02:27
63 Paul Griffiths Acme Wheelers 01:07:32 00:01:43
64 Emma (F) Hadley Hereford & District Wheelers 01:10:51
65 Debbie (F) Clark Hereford & District Wheelers 01:12:07 -00:01:11
66 Julie (F) Suff Ross & District CC 01:16:22
67 Graham Hewson Team Midland Racing 01:18:32 -00:09:51
68 David Pearce Royal Dean Forest CC 01:22:23
69 Jonathan Moore Team Midland Racing 01:22:51 -00:15:44
1001 Steven Madeley Ogmore Valley Wheelers Apols
1002 Dale Appleby Metal-Tek Scott DNS
1003 Andy Kelly Bristol South CC DNS
1004 Michael Portlock Cardiff 100 miler CC DNS
1005 Byron Morgan Bush Health Care DNS
1006 Bryn North Hereford & District Wheelers Apols
1007 Christopher Jones VC L’Escargot DNS
1008 Andrew Shipton Glos City CC Apols
1009 John Pritchard Port Talbot Wheelers DNS
1010 Tracey (F) Childs Tewkesbury Tri Club Apols
1011 Scott Davies M & D Cycles Apols
1012 Luke Moseley Climb on Bikes RT DNF Mech
1013 Keith Burfoot Bristol RC DNF
1014 John Vickery Cwmcarn Paragon DNF
1015 Gerry McGarr Gloucester City-Rudy P DNF Mech