Hilly Lydbrook – 13th Aug 2019 – Results

Dark clouds cleared to provide a fine evening for this hard 15mile TT. 9 riders out, Craig fastest on the night. Thanks Rob for pushing off.

NameClubFinish Time Old PBPB Now
Craig BuffryRDFCC0:39:33:8PB0:40:44:30:39:33:8
Earl SmithRDFCC0:39:49:90:37:48:0
Dan PonsDream Cycles0:40:53:60:40:53:6
Ant WhiteRDFCC0:41:54:20:41:28:1
Adam TaylorRDFCC0:43:21:00:41:41:2
Mark HarperRDFCC0:44:13:20:44:13:2
Matt NealeRDFCC0:46:29:7PB0:47:16:20:46:29:7
Dale ReedRDFCC0:49:21:0PB0:50:38:00:49:21:0
Ali ColquhounRDFCC0:54:42:70:52:13:0

Speech Ho HC – 6th Aug 2019 – Results

Passing shower just before the start soaked the road for the 12 riders out. Tight bunch at the top with Peter fastest.
Thanks to Earl and Martin at the start

NameClubFinish Time Old PBPB Now
Peter KnightFareham wheelers0:04:11:40:04:11:4
Steve BealVeloVitesse0:04:12:5PB0:04:29:30:04:12:5
Craig BuffryRDFCC0:04:14:00:04:07:9
Ant WhiteRDFCC0:04:34:70:04:10:2
Mark HarperRDFCC0:04:42:10:04:42:1
Michelle LeeRDFCC0:05:05:20:05:05:2
Rob NewthRDFCC0:05:17:30:05:02:0
Emily HarperRDFCC0:05:19:20:05:19:2
Ali ColquhounRDFCC0:05:21:00:05:21:0
Matt NealeRDFCC0:05:45:7PB0:05:49:70:05:45:7
Dale ReedRDFCC0:06:11:8PB0:06:12:00:06:11:8
Andy PurvisRDFCC0:08:44:80:07:17:4

TTs on 16th and 23rd July 2019 Results

Hilly Lydbrook – 16th July
10 riders out for the 15 hilly tt lovely evening very warm and still, some great times by all and well done john on the win. Thanks to Martin for doing the turn and Craig for pushing off o and Earl did the timing

NameClubFinish Time Old PBPB Now
John MansellRDFCC0:41:49:0PB0:42:44:50:41:49:0
Rob NewthRDFCC0:44:05:0PB0:44:16:70:44:05:0
Paul JonesRDFCC0:45:25:0PB0:45:36:60:45:25:0
Max SuffRDFCC0:45:30:00:44:10:6
Kerry TriggRoss0:45:47:00:44:44:9
Dave BucknallRDFCC0:48:09:00:40:25:5
Dale ReedRDFCC0:50:38:0PB0:51:28:30:50:38:0
Matt NealeRDFCC0:50:53:00:47:16:2
Ali ColquhounRDFCC0:52:13:00:52:13:0
Andy PurvisRDFCC1:01:14:01:01:14:0

Cannop X2 – 23rd July
Very hot and humid and few drops of rain. Ten riders sweating it out on this tough course. Brett missed the esign-on coming in at 33:41:1. Dan fastest on the night. Thanks Earl pushing off.

NameClubLap 1Lap 2Finish Time Old PBPB Now
Dan PonsBlaydon CC16:0916:340:32:43:50:32:02:1
John MansellRDFCC16:2216:460:33:08:40:32:48:4
Ant WhiteRDFCC16:2716:420:33:09:7PB0:33:16:40:33:09:7
Brett IrelandRDFCC16:4117:000:33:41:10:33:41:1
Digby RuslingRDFCC17:1717:350:34:52:20:34:26:0
Rob NewthRDFCC17:3118:320:36:03:60:34:50:0
Paul JonesRDFCC17:5718:290:36:26:70:35:15:3
Matt NealeRDFCC18:4118:330:37:14:40:37:03:0
Dale ReedRDFCC19:3320:180:39:51:9PB0:40:12:30:39:51:9
Ali ColquhounRDFCC20:3921:220:42:01:60:42:01:6

Lindsay Venner Memorial – 3 X Cannop – 9th July 2019 – Results

Muggy evening for the 14 riders on this “non-aero” TT. Steve taking the trophy breaking the Parry domination. Another Women’s Course Record being set, this time by Emily. Thanks to Michelle marshalling the junction and Earl pushing off, and thanks Matt sorting out the chips and sarnies at the Fountain after.

NameClublap1lap2lap3Finish Time Old PBPB Now
Steve BealVeloVitesse15:3315:4615:230:46:42:50:46:42:5
Craig BuffryRDFCC15:2715:4915:510:47:07:8PB0:49:05:50:47:07:8
Brett IrelandRDFCC16:2216:3316:290:49:24:20:49:24:2
Rick HarrisRoss16:4317:1317:000:50:55:20:50:55:2
Ant WhiteRDFCC16:5717:0917:070:51:13:00:48:57:0
John MansellRDFCC17:0817:2217:330:52:03:80:50:45:9
Adam TaylorRDFCC17:2018:0217:280:52:50:10:51:04:0
Mark HarperRDFCC17:5318:0417:000:52:57:40:52:57:4
Rob NewthRDFCC18:0718:3018:150:54:52:80:53:23:0
Paul JonesRDFCC18:0518:5418:590:55:58:30:55:58:3
Emily HarperRDFCC18:3419:0418:460:56:24:5Course Record0:56:24:5
Dave BucknallRDFCC19:2719:5919:460:59:12:30:54:41:0
Matt NealeRDFCC20:0920:3320:551:01:37:50:59:11:0
Dale ReedRDFCC21:1322:1223:091:06:34:71:06:34:7

Your Club Needs You!

Recently we have struggled for ride leaders and participants on our regular club rides.

If you fancy leading a ride, don’t be shy, create it as an event on Facebook and get a few of us to come along. It can be short, long, fast or slow, whatever, just put it out there.

We also need volunteers for the Open 25 TT on the 25 August, Marshals, time keepers and pusher off-er!

Without Club rides, events and other things the club will slowly fade, This is your club, lets use it.