June 24 – Tintern 10 – Results

Hot evening disrupted by hoard of Police motorcyclists practicing rolling closure for the weekends National Road Championships event. Didn’t appear to affect Dave and Ash though earlier riders were flagged down – Ant clearly cheated of a PB. Thanks to Earl on the turn and Bart pushing off.

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Name Club Finish Time
Dave Hutchinson VC St Raphael 0:24:43:9 PB(25:04)
Ashley Hutchinson VC St Raphael 0:25:15:7 PB(25:38)
Adam Taylor RDFCC 0:26:54:4
Steve Williams RDFCC 0:27:11:8 PB(27:18)
Digby Rusling RDFCC 0:27:15:8
Jared Linden RDFCC 0:27:22:2
Nick Philpott N-Tec Racing 0:27:51:6
Martin Green RDFCC 0:28:20:8
Antony Pollard RDFCC 0:29:20:1
Rob Newth RDFCC 0:30:13:9
Martin Howitt RDFCC 0:30:56:5
Steve Parry RDFCC 0:32:56:8
Lance Hutchinson VC St Raphael 0:33:17:5
Bailey Rafferty RDFCC 0:33:24:3
Tomas Absalon Cardiff Jif DNF