June 17 – Tintern 10 – Results

Nice evening with light wind unusually blowing from NE (up the hill) – an advantage with aero kit?
Thanks to Jon pushing off and Earl marshaling turn.
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Name Club Finish Time
Adam Taylor RDFCC 0:25:59:3 (=PB)
Paul Stephens Ross 0:26:15:1 PB(26:52)
Jared Linden RDFCC 0:26:17:3
Digby Rusling RDFCC 0:26:22:1
Steve Williams RDFCC 0:27:18:1 PB(27:31)
Dave Taylor RDFCC 0:27:29:8 PB(28:21)
Ben Gibson RDFCC 0:27:33:6 PB(27:38)
Max Suff Ross 0:27:37:0
Nick Philpott N-Tec Racing 0:27:46:5
James Moverley RDFCC 0:28:06:6 PB(28:30)
Paul Jones RDFCC 0:28:19:5
Nick Cutcliff RDFCC 0:29:09:2
Antony Pollard RDFCC 0:29:27:8
Rob Newth RDFCC 0:30:04:1
Will Bowes-McTear RDFCC 0:30:13:6
Josie Evans RDFCC 0:31:09:4
Steve Parry RDFCC 0:32:07:7
Jon Airey RDFCC 0:32:09:7 PB(32:35)
Mark Burns RDFCC 0:33:14:2
Bailey Rafferty RDFCC 0:34:13:2