July 1 – Speech House 10 – Results

Nice evening but not fast – hard work for the PBs.

Thanks to Clint and Ant marshaling.

by Timing Trials
Name Club Finish Time
Jared Linden RDFCC 0:26:13:1
Adam Taylor RDFCC 0:26:27:1
Earl Smith Climb-on-Bikes 0:26:30:5
Dave Taylor RDFCC 0:27:15:8
Digby Rusling RDFCC 0:27:21:7 PB(27:43)
Nick Philpott N-Tec Racing 0:27:35:0
Max Suff Ross 0:27:49:6
James Moverley RDFCC 0:28:28:4
Martin Green RDFCC 0:28:39:7
Nick Cutcliff RDFCC 0:28:48:9 PB(29:47)
Rob Newth RDFCC 0:30:26:9
Josie Evans RDFCC 0:31:14:4
Martin Howitt RDFCC 0:31:19:9
Bailey Rafferty (jnr) RDFCC 0:32:10:0 PB(34:45)
Steve Williams RDFCC DNF