Hilly Lydbrook – 17th July 2018 – Results

6 riders on this hard course. Fine cooler evening with a head breeze on the climb.
Steve fastest on the night. Max threw his chain. Good set of PBs!
Thanks to Martin on the turn, Earl pushing off and also the other potential helpers.

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NameClubFinish TimeOld PBPB Now
Steve BealRDFCC0:39:48:6PB0:43:03:00:39:48:6
Craig BuffryRDFCC0:40:44:3PB0:44:28:30:40:44:3
Rob NewthRDFCC0:44:16:7PB0:44:45:90:44:16:7
Max SuffRDFCC0:44:56:40:44:10:6
Paul JonesRDFCC0:46:12:50:45:36:6
Matt NealeRDFCC0:47:16:2PB0:48:29:20:47:16:2