Hilly Lydbrook – 13th Aug 2019 – Results

Dark clouds cleared to provide a fine evening for this hard 15mile TT. 9 riders out, Craig fastest on the night. Thanks Rob for pushing off.

NameClubFinish Time Old PBPB Now
Craig BuffryRDFCC0:39:33:8PB0:40:44:30:39:33:8
Earl SmithRDFCC0:39:49:90:37:48:0
Dan PonsDream Cycles0:40:53:60:40:53:6
Ant WhiteRDFCC0:41:54:20:41:28:1
Adam TaylorRDFCC0:43:21:00:41:41:2
Mark HarperRDFCC0:44:13:20:44:13:2
Matt NealeRDFCC0:46:29:7PB0:47:16:20:46:29:7
Dale ReedRDFCC0:49:21:0PB0:50:38:00:49:21:0
Ali ColquhounRDFCC0:54:42:70:52:13:0