CBAR 2018

CBAR – Club Best All Rounder
3 men’s classes based on PBs from previous season (race sec decision), Red Blue & Black,  Juvenile, Junior and woman’s classes.
Trophies awarded at club dinner in November.
General Rules are:
Points awarded minimum of 15 for 1st, 14 for 2nd, …., 1 for 15th,
maximum equal to total riders on start sheet.
Must be club member at time of event to be awarded points.
New members category to be determined by race secretary.
Previous category winners are promoted.
Race Secretary’s decision is final.
NameClassCBAR Sum10th April24th April1st May8th May15th May22nd May5th June12th June19th June26th June3rd July10th July17th July24th July31st July7th Aug14th Aug
Sarah BucknallWomen2334664
Josie LuckinsWomen13454
Michelle LeeWomen1111
Craig BuffryRed192915131412151415151414151512
Dave BucknallRed86151515152915
Steve BealRed5713141515
Ant WhiteRed271314
Andrew HarpRed1313
Rob HusseyRed1212
Adam TaylorRed1212
Max SuffBlue1885121014121312101415131211111014
Rob NewthBlue1688131311101111810141213101311
John MansellBlue9015101014141314
Digby RuslingBlue51711101211
Brett IrelandBlue40131413
Paul JonesBlue3477119
Matt NealeBlack145411610795867121010810913
Martin HowittBlack40511888
Dale ReedBlack396375378
Andy DallowBlack279765
Andy PurvisBlack25997
Murray BiggsBlack1596
Richard WallBlack1596
Mark BurnsBlack66