CBAR 2017

CBAR – Club Best All Rounder
3 men’s classes based on PBs from previous season (race sec decision), Red Blue & Black,  Juvenile, Junior and woman’s classes.
Trophies awarded at club dinner in November.
NameClassCBAR Sum25th April2nd May9th May16th May23rd May30th May6th June13th June20th June27th June4th July18th July25th July1st Aug8th Aug
Sarah BucknallWomen285887
Josie LuckinsWomen431
Carl CrowleyJun137151418151415171415
Adam TaylorRed164131610131314131515141315
Craig BuffryRed157129121461213101369131414
Ant WhiteRed6214161715
Dave BucknallRed60181421511
Jared LindenRed1818
Digby RuslingRed1789
Rob HusseyRed1414
Rob NewthBlue123974114128111210108710
Max SuffBlue101810111210117101012
John MansellBlue991113121114121313
Antony PollardBlue821299101111911
Brett IrelandBlue428121111
Paul JonesBlue261079
Dave ThomasBlue21876
Steve WilliamsBlue1313
Nick CutcliffeBlue77
Martin GreenBlue11
Matt NealeBlack8363310141065846629
Martin HowittBlack4484551075
Dale ReedBlack4372935548
Thorsten AckermannBlack20578
Mick ConnorBlack18135
Andy DallowBlack185733
Henry McGillBlack1212324
Frank WilliamsBlack99
Jamie HardingBlack9162
Murray BiggsBlack22
General Rules are:
Points awarded minimum of 15 for 1st, 14 for 2nd, …., 1 for 15th,
maximum equal to total riders on start sheet.
Must be club member at time of event to be awarded points.
New members category to be determined by race secretary.
Previous category winners are promoted.
Race Secretary’s decision is final.