CBAR 2015

CBAR – Club Best All Rounder
3 men’s classes based on PBs from previous season (race sec decision), Red Blue & Black, and a woman’s class.
Trophies awarded at club dinner in November.
NameClassCBAR Sum28th Apr5th May12th May19th May26th May16th June23rd June30th June7th July14th July21st July28th July4th Aug11th Aug18th Aug25th Aug1st Sept4th Oct
Josie EvansWomen175282
Iwona SzmydWomen66
Ide McEneryWomen431
Adam TaylorRed225171412151614201312121513161224
Bob ParryRed1501815141114181518189
Earl SmithRed1501420172121151428
Digby RuslingRed14213118197121512112212
Dave PearceRed105201116151825
Steve WilliamsRed961141516211316
Ant WhiteRed5415131115
Allan MatthewsRed48195321
Jared LindenRed46151120
Ben GibsonRed3213298
Rob HusseyRed291712
Jon BattsRed1212
James PeckhamRed1111
Antony PollardBlue16812813131311171110891010914
James MoverleyBlue14610107891012105714111914
Rob NewthBlue126866786117444891171010
Nick CutcliffeBlue93101010999513117
Paul JonesBlue731111213761211
Steve BealBlue4181914
Martin GreenBlue3355167
Rich GullifordBlue20911
Matt NealeBlack2525846
Henry McGillBlack2562188
Andy DallowBlack23426425
Murray BiggsBlack22994
Rob LesterBlack207724
Martin HowittBlack185553
Mark BurnsBlack166316
Richie WakefieldBlack1468
Dale ReedBlack1275
Thorsten AckermannBlack77
Tyler LittleBlack651
Terence PostBlack44
Simon BurkeBlack44
Alan JonesBlack33
Tony HighfieldBlack33
General Rules are:
Points awarded minimum of 15 for 1st, 14 for 2nd, …., 1 for 15th,
maximum equal to total riders on start sheet.
Must be club member at time of event to be awarded points.
New members category to be determined by race secretary.
Previous category winners are promoted.
Race Secretary’s decision is final.