24th May – Lydbrook 10 – Results

Fine cool evening with a bit of wind. 21 riders out and more good times.

Thanks Martin on the turn and Digs setting off

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NameClubFinish TimeOld PB
Earl SmithSVC0:22:56:3
Dave PearceRDFCC0:23:26:8
Colin ParryRide 24/70:23:45:2
Ashley HutchinsonVC St Raphael0:24:10:6
Paul StephensRoss0:24:26:0
Dave HutchinsonVC St Raphael0:24:38:2
Adam TaylorRDFCC0:25:17:7
Steve WilliamsRDFCC0:25:33:3
Steve BealRDFCC0:25:52:0
Rob NewthRDFCC0:26:25:9
Nick CutcliffeRDFCC0:26:50:4
Max SuffRoss0:26:53:0
Antony PollardRDFCC0:27:03:4
Nick BaintonRDFCC0:27:08:5
Martin HowittRDFCC0:28:19:6
Pat DelaneyRDFCC0:28:24:4
Dale ReedRDFCC0:29:14:6PB0:29:41:0
Julie StephensRoss0:29:29:2PB0:29:32:8
Lance HutchinsonVC St Raphael0:31:17:1
Henry McGillRDFCC0:31:46:7
Emma DavisMonmouth Tri0:34:31:2

17th May – Lydbrook 10 – Results

Dry evening slightly windy and cool. 16 riders out and more good times, Dave already meeting his season target. Apologies to Paul for leading though the hawthorn brash on the way out.

Thanks Earl on the turn and Matt pushing off.

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NameClubFinish TimeOld PB
Dave PearceRDFCC0:23:25:1PB0:24:50:0
James MoverleyRDFCC0:25:35:3
Adam TaylorRDFCC0:25:36:2
Rob NewthRDFCC0:26:09:5PB0:26:20:1
Digby RuslingRDFCC0:26:18:1
John MansellSevern RC0:26:42:3
Nick CutcliffeRDFCC0:27:10:1
Brett IrelandRDFCC0:27:11:2PB0:28:25:0
Antony PollardRDFCC0:27:37:7
Martin HowittRDFCC0:27:45:4PB0:28:00:4
Pat DelaneyRDFCC0:29:23:3
Ross CantDales Racing Team0:29:27:8
Josie EvansRDFCC0:29:47:9
Dave GilesRDFCC0:29:51:2
Ide McEneryRDFCC0:30:58:1PB0:33:00:4

10th May – Lydbrook 10 – Results

10 riders took a chance on the weather – and lost. Mucky and wet ride for Paul and Julie who rode as 2up – rest as solo.
Thanks to Martin on the turn and Earl pushing off

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NameClubFinish TimeOld PB
Paul nfto JonesSVC0:22:20:5
Luke BodleySVC0:24:09:6
James MoverleyRDFCC0:25:15:8
Adam TaylorRDFCC0:26:08:1
Rob NewthRDFCC0:26:20:1PB0:26:51:9
Nick CutcliffeRDFCC0:27:16:4
The StephensRoss0:27:36:7#N/A#N/A
Martin HowittRDFCC0:28:00:4PB0:29:31:5
Pat DelaneyRDFCC0:29:40:0

3rd May – Lydbrook 10 – Results

Some good start of season times.
Thanks Steve pushing off and Martin on the turn

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NameClubFinish TimeOld PB
Earl SmithSVC0:23:22:9
Dave BucknallRDFCC0:23:37:3
Dave PearceRDFCC0:24:03:3PB0:24:50:0
James CoullRoss0:25:43:0
Adam TaylorRDFCC0:25:55:9
Rob NewthRDFCC0:26:29:8PB0:26:51:9
Ant WhiteRDFCC0:26:33:6
John MansellSevern RC0:26:35:2
Jon MorrisSevern RC0:26:39:5
Martin HowittRDFCC0:28:04:6PB0:29:31:5
Nick CutcliffeRDFCC0:28:19:0
Thorsten AckermannRDFCC0:28:54:8
Dale ReedRDFCC0:29:48:1
Pat DelaneyRDFCC0:30:20:0
Ide McEneryRDFCC0:30:58:2PB0:33:00:4

RDFCC Open 25 Results

Chilly start to the Open TT season today with the RDFCC Open 25. Top club ride for new member David.
8th David Bucknall Royal Dean Forest Cycle Club 00:56:48
26th Paul Jones Royal Dean Forest Cycle Club 01:00:12
46th Digby Rusling Royal Dean Forest Cycle Club 01:05:56
57th Josie Evans (W) Royal Dean Forest Cycle Club 01:17:24
Big thanks to all the volunteers. Ant & Earl for starting, Simon, Mike, Matt for marshalling out on the course. John at the HQ handling the results. Ann, Ruth, Digs and Martha for cake and coffee duties.


Downloadable versions
Word RDFCC Open 25mile TT 200316 Results
PDF RDFCC Open 25mile TT 200316 Results

PositionNameClubCatResultVet Std +/-Comments
1Billy OliverTeam BottrillS00:53:411st
2Harry WaltonCheltenham & County CCS00:54:082nd
3Lyn JonesE.C. CyclesV00:54:36-00:11:503rd ( & 1st Vet On Std)
4Paul JonesSevern Valley CyclesS00:56:11
5Daniel GoughSwansea University Road TeamS00:56:29
6Steven PowellCwmcarn Paragon Road ClubS00:56:31
7Jason StreatherVelo Club St RaphaelV00:56:47-00:09:26Team Winner
8David BucknallRoyal Dean Forest Cycle ClubV00:56:48-00:09:38
9Jay HookinsOffcamberS00:56:49
10Billy DyerDevizes Town Cycling ClubV00:57:23-00:09:40
11Gareth JonesClevedon & District RCV00:57:34-00:09:29
12Paul MilnerWorcester St. Johns CCV00:57:45-00:09:30
13Chris MartinYeovil CCV00:57:51-00:09:59
14George JonesVelo Club St RaphaelJ00:58:07Team Winner
15Graeme DavisDursley RCV00:58:25-00:09:01
16Tim ButtBanbury Star CCV00:58:49-00:09:01
17Tom CoxNorthover Vets TeamV00:59:21-00:11:362nd Vet On Std
18Chris FishbourneAbercynon Road ClubV00:59:29-00:06:44
19David EvansTeam Echelon - RotorV00:59:33-00:10:313rd Vet On Std
20David Wilson-EvansBynea Cycling ClubV00:59:35-00:10:29
21David FrancisTeam NBCCV00:59:43-00:06:56
22Paul StephensRoss on Wye & Dist CCV00:59:51-00:08:23
23Simon DightonBeacon Roads CCV00:59:57-00:08:29
24Colin WallaceMerthyr Cycling ClubV01:00:08-00:08:18
25Lloyd MorganCardiff Ajax CCV01:00:11-00:06:02
26Paul JonesRoyal Dean Forest Cycle ClubV01:00:12-00:06:01
27Danny BakerSomerset Road ClubS01:00:37
28Simon WixVTTA S.WalesV01:00:40-00:07:59
29Andy BevanVelo Club St RaphaelV01:00:49-00:06:37Team Winner
30Justin FordCC Blaenau GwentV01:00:53-00:05:33
31Derek DowdeswellGloucester City CCV01:01:17-00:09:21
32Ian LindsayGloucester City CCV01:01:23-00:05:03
33David WoodStourbridge VeloV01:02:05-00:08:16
34Gerry McgarrGloucester City CCV01:02:08-00:09:28
35Austin PackerCheltenham & County CCS01:02:09
36Carl BanwellAcme Whs (Rhondda) CCV01:02:13-00:04:38
37Chris WoolleyRhondda Triathlon ClubV01:02:15-00:04:36
38Paul LambertChippenham & Dist. WhsV01:02:35-00:05:15
39Simon KinseyAcme Whs (Rhondda) CCV01:02:51-00:04:24
40Kevin BartlemoreAcme Whs (Rhondda) CCV01:03:08-00:04:30
41Adrian OsbornStratford Cycling ClubV01:03:28-00:05:51
42Cliff VollerNewbury RCV01:03:55-00:08:03
43Karl DaviesStourbridge VeloV01:03:59-00:04:53
44Claire Hann (W)Bristol & District Triathletes (BAD TRI)W01:04:511st Womens
45Matthew HeamanSevern Valley CyclesV01:05:13-00:02:37
46Digby RuslingRoyal Dean Forest Cycle ClubV01:05:56-00:01:19
47Martin WallerSomerset Road ClubV01:05:59-00:03:50
48Mathew AtkinsCardiff TriathletesV01:06:04-00:02:10
49John ShehanBynea CCV01:06:25-00:07:12
50Jonny WebbGannet CCV01:06:30-00:00:33
51Michelle Robertson (W)Abercynon Road ClubW01:08:38-00:04:372nd Womens
52Gaynor Hughes (W)Bynea Cycling ClubW01:09:14-00:04:273rd Womens
53Simon FaircloughCwmcarn Paragon Road ClubS01:10:16
54Gareth HillAbercynon Road ClubV01:10:4900:03:58
55Diane Wilson-Evans (W)Bynea Cycling ClubW01:11:04-00:03:49
56Kari Jones (W)Ride Bike WalesW01:11:48
57Josie Evans (W)Royal Dean Forest Cycle ClubV01:17:2400:09:58
Alex RichardsAbercynon Road ClubSDNF
Brian ParkerAbercynon Road ClubVDNF
Steve CurryOgmore Valley WhsVDNS
Gerry PeppinCorinium CCVDNS
Troy MillsVelo Club St RaphaelSDNS
Ross PhelpsBristol Road ClubSDNS
Clair Wadden (W)Bristol Road Club - SCUWDNS
Mark BrockTor 2000/Kalas Sportswear Whitelake Scorpion CS)VDNS
Simon KerBath CCSDNS
Ben PhillipsBynea Cycling ClubSDNS
Ian DeakinMid Devon CCVDNS
Alexandre ToucheBanks/Catford CC EquipeSDNS
Iain CadeBath CCSDNS
Gareth PughCwmcarn Paragon Road ClubSDNS
Robin EllisEast London VeloSDNS
James MoverleyRoyal Dean Forest Cycle ClubVDNS Apologies
Martin KeableKettering CCVDNS Apologies
paul jonesYstwyth CCVDNS Apologies
Adam MorriaArmy Cycling UnionSDNS Apologies
Paul ReesBynea Cycling ClubVDNS Apologies
Mark AlstonUniversity of Birmingham CCSDNS Apologies
Jon WigginsFrome & Dist WhsSDNS Apologies
James CookCycology BikesSDNS Apologies
Simon ColesNorthover VTVDNS Apologies
Matt SlaterRevo RacingVDNS Apologies
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