16th June – Hilly Lydbrook 15 – Results

Nice evening for this hard TT rewarded by chips and sarnies at the New Inn (thanksMike). Some good new PBs.

NameClubFinish Time Old PB
Colin ParryRide 24 /70:38:26:0
Earl SmithRDFCC0:39:43:0
Adam TaylorRDFCC0:42:42:0PB(0:43:42:0)
Dave PearceRDFCC0:43:04:0PB(0:44:46:0)
Bob ParryRDFCC0:43:29:0
Antony PollardRDFCC0:44:35:0PB(0:47:16:0)
Paul StephensRoss0:44:39:0PB(0:45:21:0)
Dave HarwoodRoss0:44:51:0
Max SuffRoss0:44:57:0PB(0:45:52:0)
James MoverleyRDFCC0:45:22:0
Rob NewthRDFCC0:47:08:0PB(0:51:03:0)
Paul HudsonSVC0:49:24:0
Andy DallowRDFCC0:52:48:0
Martin GreenRDFCC1:03:22:0as 2 UP
Tyler LittleRDFCC1:03:22:0as 2 UP
Carl CrowleyNewport OlympicDNF

Thanks Alan for marshaling the turn and Mike pushing off

26th May – Tintern 10 – Results

Nice evening and good times. New woman’s Course Record for Sue Hollin of Monmouthshire Wheelers.  Antony Pollard taking 2 minutes off his PB!

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NameClubFinish TimeOld PB
Earl SmithRDFCC0:24:30:7
Ashley HutchinsonVC St Raphael0:25:06:5PB(0:25:15:7)
Digby RuslingRDFCC0:25:46:4
Dave HutchinsonVC St Raphael0:26:46:7
Paul StephensRoss0:26:48:3
Adam TaylorRDFCC0:26:49:0
Max SuffRoss0:26:56:2PB(0:27:07:1)
Antony PollardRDFCC0:27:13:0PB(0:29:12:9)
Jon MorrisSevern RC0:27:22:3
Bob ParryRDFCC0:27:38:3
John MansellSevern RC0:27:42:7
Nick CutcliffeRDFCC0:28:04:1PB(0:28:10:0)
James MoverleyRDFCC0:28:12:1
Rob NewthRDFCC0:28:50:9
Sue HollinMonmouthshire Wheelers0:28:52:8Course Record(was 30:29)
Martin HowittRDFCC0:30:39:4
Rob LesterRDFCC0:30:44:1
Mark BurnsRDFCC0:31:01:5PB(0:31:46:0)
Julie SuffGannet CC0:33:58:5
Lance HutchinsonVC St Raphael0:36:42:0

Thanks Terence for marshaling the turn.

19th May – Speech House 10 – Results

Cold and windy evening – head winds. No new PBs.

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NameClubFinish Time
Dave PearceRDFCC0:26:49:6
Ant WhiteRDFCC0:27:10:3
Bob ParryRDFCC0:28:05:0
Antony PollardRDFCC0:28:37:7
Paul JonesRDFCC0:28:57:6
Rich GullifordRDFCC0:28:57:9
Nick CutcliffeRDFCC0:29:02:3
Paul StephensRoss0:29:12:1
Steve BealRDFCC0:29:14:1
James MoverleyRDFCC0:29:31:7
Mark BurnsRDFCC0:32:25:5
Josie EvansRDFCC0:32:46:3
Terence PostRDFCC0:35:11:1
Allan MatthewsRDFCCDNF
Digby RuslingRDFCCDNF

12th May – Lydbrook 10 2Up – Results

Mix of 2Up and solo rides

NameClubFinish Time Old PB
Bob ParryRDFCC0:23:21:0
Colin ParryRide 24 /7
Earl SmithRDFCC0:23:56:0
Steve WilliamsRDFCC
Dave HutchinsonVC St Raphael0:24:18:0
Ashley HutchinsonVC St Raphael
Adam TaylorRDFCC0:24:33:0
Jon BattsRDFCC
Dave PearceRDFCC0:24:50:0
Nick CutcliffeRDFCC0:25:52:0
James MoverleyRDFCC
Rich GullifordRDFCC0:26:34:0
Antony PollardRDFCC0:26:44:0
Nick PhilpottN-Tec Racing0:26:45:0
Rob NewthRDFCC0:27:16:0PB0:27:54:8
Martin HowittRDFCC0:27:30:0
Allan MatthewsRDFCC
Max SuffRoss0:28:34:0
Julie SuffRoss
Paul StephensRoss0:28:38:0
Julie StephensRoss
Rob LesterRDFCC0:28:59:0
Andy DallowRDFCC
Carl CrowleyNewport OlympicDNF

5th May – Tintern 10 – Results

Poor conditions…

NameClubFinish Time Old PB
Ashley HutchinsonVC St Raphael0:26:56:2
Adam TaylorRDFCC0:28:45:9
Digby RuslingRDFCC0:29:12:2
Dave HutchinsonVC St Raphael0:29:45:2
Paul JonesRDFCC0:30:05:4
James MoverleyRDFCC0:30:12:9
Tomas AbsalonCardiff Jif0:30:20:4
Richie WakefieldRDFCC0:31:11:8
Rob LesterRDFCC0:31:32:5

28th April – Lydbrook 10 – Results

NameClubFinish Time Old PB
Colin ParryRide 24/70:22:33:0
Dave PearceRDFCC0:25:00:4
Allan MatthewsRDFCC0:25:07:1
Bob ParryRDFCC0:25:13:6
Adam TaylorRDFCC0:25:41:6PB0:26:41:0
Paul StephensRoss0:25:43:8
Jared LindenRDFCC0:26:23:4PB0:26:52:0
Max SuffRoss0:26:40:2
Ben GibsonRDFCC0:26:45:3
Antony PollardRDFCC0:26:58:0
James PeckhamRDFCC0:27:20:8
Nick CutcliffeRDFCC0:27:33:0
Trish ChalkMonmouth Tri0:27:36:1
Rob NewthRDFCC0:27:54:8PB0:29:31:0
Rob LesterRDFCC0:29:01:9
Richie WakefieldRDFCC0:29:20:8
Martin HowittRDFCC0:29:31:5
Andy DallowRDFCC0:29:51:8
Alan JonesRDFCC0:30:22:0
Gerald BrainRoss0:36:42:5
Steve WilliamsRDFCCDNF