28th April – Lydbrook 10 – Results

NameClubFinish Time Old PB
Colin ParryRide 24/70:22:33:0
Dave PearceRDFCC0:25:00:4
Allan MatthewsRDFCC0:25:07:1
Bob ParryRDFCC0:25:13:6
Adam TaylorRDFCC0:25:41:6PB0:26:41:0
Paul StephensRoss0:25:43:8
Jared LindenRDFCC0:26:23:4PB0:26:52:0
Max SuffRoss0:26:40:2
Ben GibsonRDFCC0:26:45:3
Antony PollardRDFCC0:26:58:0
James PeckhamRDFCC0:27:20:8
Nick CutcliffeRDFCC0:27:33:0
Trish ChalkMonmouth Tri0:27:36:1
Rob NewthRDFCC0:27:54:8PB0:29:31:0
Rob LesterRDFCC0:29:01:9
Richie WakefieldRDFCC0:29:20:8
Martin HowittRDFCC0:29:31:5
Andy DallowRDFCC0:29:51:8
Alan JonesRDFCC0:30:22:0
Gerald BrainRoss0:36:42:5
Steve WilliamsRDFCCDNF

Winter Warmer Round 2 Results / Report

Winter Warmer 2 Feb 15 2015

Thanks to all the competitors for coming out to play and to Martin Green, Owain Dermody and Bill Parton for their help on the day. Ride of the day has to be Jared’s domination of the seniors doing 6 laps in the time it took many to do 5.

We’ll try to do another race open to seniors in the summer, BC willing, and hope to hold a few Go-Ride races for the kids during the summer holidays again. It’s been great being able to run a few club events over the winter allowing people to either compete for the first time or just keep their hand in for the coming XC season.

RDFCC winter warmer2 results
Times Approximate
U8 Club Lap1 lap2 lap3 lap4 lap5 lap6
Arthur Hendry RDFCC 7.53 16.09 1st
Chloe Morgan FoDAC 9.40 20.30 2nd
Harry Post RDFCC 5.27 10.55 16.18 1st
Finley Cole Gannet CC 5.25 11.05 16.44 2nd
Kieran Morgan FoDAC 8.14 16.09 3rd
Sulli Berry RRPCC 16.58 35.57 1st
Harry Robinson RDFCC 16.55 34.31 1st
Ollie Parton RDFCC 13.05 26.15 40.58 1st
Jared Lindon RDFCC 10.42 21.23 32.13 42.56 54.03 1.05.30 1st
Andy wearing Mike Vaughn Cycles 11.35 23.45 36.25 49.15 1.01.50
Davide Marim Team Inergrid Italy(UCI) 11.35 24.20 37.47 51.18 1.05.02
Rob Newth RDFCC 15.54 33.15 50.09 1.07.48
Greame Davidson Kenilworth wheelers CC 11.35 23.45 36.25 48.25 1.01.14 1st
Stuart Bees 11.35 23.45 36.25 48.23 1.02.00
Mark Robinson RDFCC 13.57 28.50 44.40 1.00.20 1.18.00
Terrance Post RDFCC Crashed Out DNF
Grand Vet
Greg Fitzpatrick Malvern Cycle sport 13.06 26.30 39.55 53.25 1.06.45 1st
John Lindon RDFCC 13.54 28.25 43.21 58.11 1.12.42
Phil Alcock 15.08 31.25 49.03 1.06.12
Tim Grainger Stourport Cycles 11.35 23.23 36.25 Chain DNF


Winter Warmer Round 1 Results / Report

A few brave and hardy souls managed to attend the first of the club’s winter warmer XC races at Cannop. Near freezing conditions welcomed the entrants but at least the difficult course conditions meant they soon warmed up once under way. Although some sections rode well there was plenty of mud in others which was either treacherously slick or just plain sticky. The U8s and U10s had fun on the short course but the older categories had to work harder to get around the full length circuit.The main hazard for most wasn’t the drop off but the ditch crossings on the bottom dam loop. I won’t name and shame but somebody in the vet class managed to go over the bars several times at the same point (will receive some fettling with the spade for next time). Everybody made it back in one piece and seemed to be smiling at the end.

Notable rides were from the Oldfield’s (Redditch RPCC) in the U8s in their first MTB race looking to carry on riding after the CX season and Well done to Malvern Riders Jack (U10) and Matthew (seniors) for coming down and showing us how it’s done. RDFCC’s Harry and Ollie rode well for class wins and  Lee finch in the seniors (Velo Vitesse/ALLCAP/Push) posted some good lap times to take the win – Sorry Rob N.  James M has to get a mention for slogging it through on his single speed rigid half fat Jones (weirdo) to win in the vet. Well done everyone for competing and giving it a go, it was great to see RDFCC riders doing so well overall.

Thanks to Alan C for helping with Timekeeping and admin, Martin G and James M for first aid cover and especially to Alan J, Mike A, Neil G and John L for marshalling out on course all day and leaving me with a few biscuits at the end.

Next race 15th February, hope to see you there.

Under 8
Oldfield Redditch Road&Path CC Finish Time
Lap 1
Lap 3
Lap 4 Lap 5
Redditch Road&Path CC
Little Fodders
Under 10
Malvern Cycle Sport 00:21:33
00:05:40 00:05:30
Under 12
Sulli Berry RRPPC 00:37:06 00:17:11 00:19:55
Luke Jackson RDFCC 00:45:20 00:21:38 00:23:42
Archie Forbes RDFCC 00:45:28 00:21:32 00:23:56
Erica Gayler Abergavenny RC 00:48:35 00:22:38 00:25:57
Harry Robinson RDFCC 00:53:43 00:16:32 00:18:26 00:18:45
Ollie Parton RDFCC 00:54:12 00:12:41 00:13:21 00:13:30 00:14:40
Carl Crowley Abergavenny RC 00:49:40 00:15:38 00:16:30 00:17:32
Jack Prosser 01:03:13 00:19:22 00:20:58 00:22:53
Lee Finch Velo Vitesse/ALLCAP/Push 00:59:11 00:11:14 00:11:31 00:11:48 00:12:19 00:12:19
Matthew O’Toole Malvern Cycle Sport 00:59:17 00:11:42 00:11:51 00:11:51 00:11:56 00:11:57
Rob Newth RDFCC 00:46:41 00:14:57 00:15:37 00:16:07
James Moverley RDFCC 00:56:20 00:13:11 00:14:09 00:14:18 00:14:42
Mark Robinson RDFCC 01:07:30 00:15:12 00:16:44 00:17:48 00:17:46