Bontrager Twentyfour 12 – Report/Photos

“Bontrager is the best, you won’t want to do any other 24hr races after” was the hype Team RDFCC were hearing,so we decided to stick our names down for a trip to Devon. One rider dropped out in exchange for a trip in an Astra to the south of France (he shall remain nameless).  In stepped the man with the medals and special powders, Jared Linden. Jon Batts, John Linden and Adam Taylor making up the numbers.

The weather was looking particularly wet during the week ahead.It was a case of when, not if, would the rain start, final forecast was 4am Sunday. Early start Sat morning with the drive to the infamous Newnham Park on the edge of Plymouth. Up with the club gazebo and flags, numbers on, relax and wait for the noon start.

Jared lined up for the start leg, his mission was to pass the 80 or so competitors who appeared to have camped on the start line and complete the lap in first place. The race kicked off with a start loop, which saw the riders trickle down a hillside into the campsite. Jared had made up quite a few places already and finished the full loop in the top 10, great start. Next out Adam with a slow but steady lap in what can only be described as moist and slippery conditions, due to the rain the week before. Next John followed by Jon, who agreed to go in any order as long as he was last. Initial standing had us in the top 5 for our category.

Late afternoon to early evening the course dried out considerably as the mud was washed aside and quicker lines were formed through the rooted sections. With a few laps under our belts we began to appreciate the course more for what if offered. This included “Cottages Return” a long flowing singletrack section which could be hit at high speed off a fireroad. “Cottages” would throw up the occasional technical rocky section, bomb hole or group of roots, before a sweeping left hand and drop down back into the campsite. Making full use of the height gained from the long dragging “Cliff Bar Climb” earlier on. Exiting the campsite the course weaved through a clay shooting arena, sadly without any live firing to dodge, past Rita’s Shop selling squash etc and through the second river crossing, then a short climb before the blast down into the campsite. Fortunately for us the RDFCC jersey stands out so well we were able to see our team mates descending into the arena and had no issues with lateness for the changeovers.

Into the night and we doubled up on laps to give each other a longer break for sleeps, for those who could sleep. Great atmosphere out on the course and through the campsite, passing log fires and the occasional voice of someone buried in a sleeping bag. Rita’s Cafe had now turned into a night club with DJ and disco lights. 4am came and a light shower, back onto single laps as daylight began, then 6am the rain began and continued and continued…..home time……..

22nd out of 62 overall teams.


28th July – Tintern 10 – Results

Rain held off but windy on the top. Digby awesome on fixed.

NameClubFinish Time Old PB
Digby RuslingRDFCC0:25:51:5
Ant WhiteRDFCC0:26:39:3
Mat HeamanSVC0:26:49:3
Max SuffRoss0:27:09:6
Jon MorrisSevern RC0:27:15:1
James MoverleyRDFCC0:27:52:5PB(0:28:06:6)
Paul JonesRDFCC0:28:09:7PB(0:28:14:2)
John MansellSevern RC0:28:36:4
Rob NewthRDFCC0:29:18:3
Paul HudsonSVC0:30:12:9PB(0:31:00:0)
Jane HorlerSevern RC0:31:24:1
Mark BurnsRDFCC0:31:35:5

Thanks to Martin on turn

21st July – Hilly Lydbrook 15 – Results

Windy night but very fast time 1sec off CR for the SVC Paul Jones, and a number of other good PBs.

NameClubFinish Time Old PB
Paul nfto JonesSVC0:36:54:6
Rich HuntSVC0:37:20:7
Earl SmithRDFCC0:39:27:9
Ant WhiteRDFCC0:41:42:5
Adam TaylorRDFCC0:42:37:7PB(0:42:42:0)
Jared LindenRDFCC0:43:20:1PB(0:45:33:0)
Mat HeamanSVC0:43:47:1
Max SuffRoss0:44:10:6PB(0:44:57:0)
Antony PollardRDFCC0:44:53:8
Paul JonesRDFCC0:45:36:6PB(0:46:21:0)
Iwona SzmydRDFCC0:46:26:8
Nick CutcliffeRDFCC0:46:43:1
Rob NewthRDFCC0:47:12:9
Paul HudsonSVC0:47:58:2PB(0:49:24:0)
Andy DallowRDFCC0:50:20:5PB(0:50:37:0)
Henry McGillRDFCC0:50:38:5

Thanks Mat marshaling turn and Mark pushing off, and Mike for chips and sarnies.

14th July – Tintern 10 – Results

Thin misty warm rain but no wind – like tropical cloud forest. Tom crossing the line with detached crank.

NameClubFinish Time Old PB
Ashley HutchinsonVC St Raphael0:25:15:4
Digby RuslingRDFCC0:26:02:7
Max SuffRoss0:26:37:5PB(0:26:56:2)
Dave HutchinsonVC St Raphael0:26:46:8
Adam TaylorRDFCC0:26:48:9
Jon MorrisSevern RC0:27:09:9PB(0:27:22:3)
Antony PollardRDFCC0:27:27:0
John MansellSevern RC0:27:47:5
Ben GibsonRDFCC0:28:03:0
Martin GreenRDFCC0:28:26:6
Tomas AbsalonCardiff Jif0:28:43:9
James MoverleyRDFCC0:28:44:8
Rob NewthRDFCC0:29:11:6
Jane HorlerSevern RC0:29:13:6
Henry McGillRDFCC0:30:55:3
Lance HutchinsonVC St Raphael0:35:42:6

Thanks Earl pushing off.

7th July – Lydbrook 10 – Results

Windy but fine evening.

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NameClubFinish TimeOld PB
Earl SmithRDFCC0:22:43:3
Ashley HutchinsonVC St Raphael0:24:20:5
Adam TaylorRDFCC0:24:55:1PB(0:25:16:9)
Digby RuslingRDFCC0:25:37:6
Antony PollardRDFCC0:25:57:3
James MoverleyRDFCC0:25:58:6
Ben GibsonRDFCC0:26:27:8
Tomas AbsalonCardiff Jif0:26:42:0
Rob NewthRDFCC0:27:33:2
Paul HudsonSVC0:28:05:9
Julie StephensRoss0:32:27:4

Thanks Martin on turn and Paul pushing off

30th June – Lindsay Venner Memorial – Results

This “no aero”  event was held on a short (~11mi) Hilly Lydbrook in the sweltering heat. No surprise with the trophy winner – Colin again. A warm welcome Ruarri and Jenn from the USA. Ruarri originally rode for RDFCC and also knew Lindsay from school. DNF due to a fox springing from the hedge causing rider to fall.

NameClubFinish Time
Colin ParryRide 24 /70:29:35:1
Ruarri Day-Stirrat787 Racing0:31:36:5
Earl SmithRDFCC0:32:33:7
Adam TaylorRDFCC0:32:36:9
Steve BealRDFCC0:33:17:2
Dave PearceRDFCC0:33:44:7
Antony PollardRDFCC0:34:59:2
Martin GreenRDFCC0:35:09:6
Bob ParryRDFCC0:35:19:1
Max SuffRoss0:35:40:2
Paul JonesRDFCC0:36:14:5
James MoverleyRDFCC0:36:15:1
Rob NewthRDFCC0:36:32:1
Jenn Mix787 Racing0:36:33:2
Nick CutcliffeRDFCC0:36:39:9
Paul HudsonSVC0:37:41:9
Digby RuslingRDFCC0:38:16:7
Henry McGillRDFCC0:38:20:4
Matt NealeRDFCC0:39:40:2
Andy DallowRDFCC0:39:45:8
Martin HowittRDFCC0:40:13:9
Josie EvansRDFCC0:41:28:7
Will Bowes-McTearRDFCCDNF

Thanks to Jared marshaling turn, Jon for shuttling time keeper to/from the start and Mike pushing off.

Big thanks to Bart and family for providing the food.