June 24 – Tintern 10 – Results

Hot evening disrupted by hoard of Police motorcyclists practicing rolling closure for the weekends National Road Championships event. Didn’t appear to affect Dave and Ash though earlier riders were flagged down – Ant clearly cheated of a PB. Thanks to Earl on the turn and Bart pushing off.

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Name Club Finish Time
Dave Hutchinson VC St Raphael 0:24:43:9 PB(25:04)
Ashley Hutchinson VC St Raphael 0:25:15:7 PB(25:38)
Adam Taylor RDFCC 0:26:54:4
Steve Williams RDFCC 0:27:11:8 PB(27:18)
Digby Rusling RDFCC 0:27:15:8
Jared Linden RDFCC 0:27:22:2
Nick Philpott N-Tec Racing 0:27:51:6
Martin Green RDFCC 0:28:20:8
Antony Pollard RDFCC 0:29:20:1
Rob Newth RDFCC 0:30:13:9
Martin Howitt RDFCC 0:30:56:5
Steve Parry RDFCC 0:32:56:8
Lance Hutchinson VC St Raphael 0:33:17:5
Bailey Rafferty RDFCC 0:33:24:3
Tomas Absalon Cardiff Jif DNF


June 17 – Tintern 10 – Results

Nice evening with light wind unusually blowing from NE (up the hill) – an advantage with aero kit?
Thanks to Jon pushing off and Earl marshaling turn.
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Name Club Finish Time
Adam Taylor RDFCC 0:25:59:3 (=PB)
Paul Stephens Ross 0:26:15:1 PB(26:52)
Jared Linden RDFCC 0:26:17:3
Digby Rusling RDFCC 0:26:22:1
Steve Williams RDFCC 0:27:18:1 PB(27:31)
Dave Taylor RDFCC 0:27:29:8 PB(28:21)
Ben Gibson RDFCC 0:27:33:6 PB(27:38)
Max Suff Ross 0:27:37:0
Nick Philpott N-Tec Racing 0:27:46:5
James Moverley RDFCC 0:28:06:6 PB(28:30)
Paul Jones RDFCC 0:28:19:5
Nick Cutcliff RDFCC 0:29:09:2
Antony Pollard RDFCC 0:29:27:8
Rob Newth RDFCC 0:30:04:1
Will Bowes-McTear RDFCC 0:30:13:6
Josie Evans RDFCC 0:31:09:4
Steve Parry RDFCC 0:32:07:7
Jon Airey RDFCC 0:32:09:7 PB(32:35)
Mark Burns RDFCC 0:33:14:2
Bailey Rafferty RDFCC 0:34:13:2

June 3rd – Tintern 10 and 10th – Speech Ho 10 TT – Results

3rd June –  Tintern 10 

10th June – Speech Ho 10

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Name Club Finish Time
Jared Linden RDFCC 0:25:48:3 PB(26:23)
Paul Stephens Ross 0:26:26:2 PB(26:44)
Adam Taylor RDFCC 0:26:30:1
Steve Williams RDFCC 0:27:19:2 PB(27:58)
James Moverley RDFCC 0:27:40:9 PB(28:24)
Rob Newth RDFCC 0:29:50:9 PB(30:41)
Steve Parry RDFCC 0:32:37:3
Digby Rusling RDFCC DNF



May 27 – Tintern 10 – Results

Quality rides here with more than half PBs on an overcast but otherwise dry evening.

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Name Club Finish Time
Earl Smith Climb-on-Bikes 0:24:23:7 PB(24:46)
Dave Hutchinson VC St Raphael 0:25:17:4
Ashley Hutchinson VC St Raphael 0:25:38:5 PB(26:20)
Jared Linden 0:25:52:1 PB(25:58)
Adam Taylor 0:26:13:9 PB(26:28)
Digby Rusling 0:26:40:8
Steve Williams 0:27:31:1 PB(27:48)
Nick Philpott N-Tec Racing 0:27:41:2
Dave Taylor 0:28:21:2
Nick Cutcliff 0:29:07:7
Rob Newth 0:29:36:1 PB(29:37)
H McGill 0:30:46:5 PB(31:29)
Bailey Rafferty 0:34:36:9 PB(34:45)



May 20 – Tintern 10 – Results

Good number of riders, good weather, lots of PBs. Thanks Digby pushing off and Tomas’s Dad marshaling the turn and Jared’s TT app.

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Name Club Finish Time
Jared Linden 0:25:58:1 PB(26:15)
Ashley Hutchinson VC St Raphael 0:26:20:4 PB(27:01)
Adam Taylor 0:26:43:6
Dave Hutchinson VC St Raphael 0:26:47:4
Max Suff Ross 0:27:07:1
Paul Stephens Ross 0:27:09:7
Steve Williams 0:27:48:9 PB(28:04)
Nick Philpott N-Tec Racing 0:27:58:2
James Moverley 0:28:30:8 PB(28:45)
Thomas Absalon Cardiff Jif 0:28:32:6 PB(29:19)
James Peckham 0:28:57:1
Nick Cutcliff 0:28:58:5
Antony Pollard 0:29:12:9 PB(29:44)
Rob Newth 0:29:37:8 PB(29:43)
Martin Howett 0:30:17:4 PB(31:03)
Josie Evans 0:31:58:9
Lance Hutchinson VC St Raphael 0:34:02:3 PB(35:57)
Bailey Rafferty 0:34:45:1 PB(35:00)
Ben Gibson DNF



May 13 – Speech Ho 10 – Results

Good number of riders for slightly modified UC606 – riders now use Forest Vale Road ~300m longer but faster…

25:54 Dave HUTCHINSON VC St Raphiel
26:23 PB(26:43) Jared LINDEN
27:05 Ashley HUTCHINSON (Jun) VC St Raphiel
27:20 Adam TAYLOR
27:35 Max SUFF Ross
27:51 Digby RUSLING
27:58 PB(28:52) Steve WILLIAMS
28:24 James MOVERLEY
28:25 Nick PHILPOT N-Tec Racing
29:47 Nick CUTCLIFFE
29:47 Clint KEYSE
31:02 Rob NEWTH
31:03 Martin HOWITT
31:10 Henry McGILL
34:45 Bailey RAFFERTY (Jun)


Results courtesy of Jared Linden‘s time trial app. Thanks to John Linden for timing, Earl and Ant for marshaling and George for pushing off