2nd Sept – Fetter Hill – Results

Twelve riders out on a fine evening working up an appetite for chips and sarnys. Good PB for Josie on the back of her performance in the Woody Tri, and for H.

Thanks Jon and Earl for timekeeping and pushing off.

Adam TAYLOR 9:07 PB(9:11)
Callum PHILPOTT 9:37
Antony POLLARD 10:13
Martin GREEN 10:17 PB(10:19)
Paul JONES 10:23
James MOVERLEY 10:28
Rob NEWTH 10:29 PB(10:48)
Henry McGILL 10:32 PB(12:01)
Nick CUTCLIFFE 10:32 PB(10:34)
Alan JONES 10:54
Josie EVANS 11:53 PB(13:07)
Richard BIDDINGTON 11:55


29 July – Tintern 10 – Results

Nice night and awesome set of PBs – Digby on a fixed taking >30secs off “fuzz free and fixed gear is the way to go“.  Ash saving himself for Chepstow crit. Thanks Jon pushing off and Mat marshaling.

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Name Club Finish Time
Dave Hutchinson VC St Raphael 0:25:09:6
Digby Rusling RDFCC 0:25:31:5 PB(26:05)
Jared Linden RDFCC 0:25:39:3 PB(25:50)
Ashley Hutchinson VC St Raphael 0:25:43:7
Adam Taylor RDFCC 0:25:49:4 PB(25:59)
Nick Philpott N-Tec Racing 0:26:49:7 PB(27:06)
Rob Newth RDFCC 0:28:43:4 PB(29:17)
Henry McGill RDFCC 0:30:05:1 PB(30:46)
Bailey Rafferty RDFCC 0:32:34:2 PB(33:07)

22 July – Speech Ho 10 – Results

Lots of PBs.

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Name Club Finish Time
Ashley Hutchinson VC St Raphael 0:25:31:1 PB(27:05)
Adam Taylor RDFCC 0:25:52:6 PB(25:57)
Dave Hutchinson VC St Raphael 0:25:59:3
Digby Rusling RDFCC 0:26:54:4 PB(27:21)
Dave Taylor RDFCC 0:27:29:6
Nick Philpott N-Tec Racing 0:27:32:9
Andrew Jones RDFCC 0:27:35:1 PB is 24:18!
Rob Newth RDFCC 0:29:24:7 PB(29:50)
Henry McGill RDFCC 0:30:03:7 PB(30:12)
Bailey Rafferty RDFCC 0:31:41:5 PB(32:10)
Andy Dallow RDFCC 0:32:48:0
Jared Linden RDFCC DNF + Time keeping

July 15 – Tintern 10 – Results

Fine evening. Josie setting a PB that would have been a new Course Record had not Ali gone 20 secs faster on her first out. Thanks to Jon and Julian timekeeping and Martin marshaling.

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Name Club Finish Time
Dave Hutchinson VC St Raphael 0:25:08:5
Ashley Hutchinson VC St Raphael 0:25:47:0
Adam Taylor RDFCC 0:25:59:7
Jared Linden RDFCC 0:26:12:1
Paul Stephens Ross 0:26:54:9
Dave Taylor RDFCC 0:27:14:2 PB(27:29)
Nick Philpott N-Tec Racing 0:27:17:0
Max Suff Ross 0:27:37:4
Andrew Jones RDFCC 0:27:57:7 PB(28:42)
Tomas Absalon Cardiff Jif 0:28:59:0
Rob Newth RDFCC 0:29:17:4 PB(29:21)
John Linden RDFCC 0:29:20:1
Ali Rowell RDFCC 0:30:29:8 Course Record
Josie Evans RDFCC 0:30:51:3 PB(30:59)
Henry McGill RDFCC 0:32:03:8
Bailey Rafferty RDFCC 0:33:27:0


July 8th – Lindsay Venner Memorial – Tintern 10 – Results

16 riders out on a fine evening. Colin fastest as expected – retaining the trophy for another year. PB improvement by near 1 minute for Jon and Alan. Chips and sandwiches at pub in Brockweir enjoyed after the event. Thanks Bob for marshaling the turn.

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Name Club Finish Time
Colin Parry BH Bikes Solidor WAM Youth 0:23:48:9
Jon Batts RDFCC 0:25:36:3 PB(26:25)
Jared Linden RDFCC 0:25:59:7
Earl Smith Climb-on-Bikes 0:26:31:7
Digby Rusling RDFCC 0:26:42:9
Adam Taylor RDFCC 0:27:10:5
Nick Philpott N-Tec Racing 0:28:06:6
Paul Jones RDFCC 0:28:37:7
Andrew Jones RDFCC 0:28:42:6
Max Suff Ross 0:28:57:1
Martin Green RDFCC 0:28:58:4
Nick Cutcliff RDFCC 0:29:00:4
James Moverley RDFCC 0:29:08:4
Antony Pollard RDFCC 0:29:15:5
Rob Newth RDFCC 0:29:21:4 PB(29:22)
Alan Jones RDFCC 0:29:43:1 PB(30:49)

July 1 – Speech House 10 – Results

Nice evening but not fast – hard work for the PBs.

Thanks to Clint and Ant marshaling.

by Timing Trials
Name Club Finish Time
Jared Linden RDFCC 0:26:13:1
Adam Taylor RDFCC 0:26:27:1
Earl Smith Climb-on-Bikes 0:26:30:5
Dave Taylor RDFCC 0:27:15:8
Digby Rusling RDFCC 0:27:21:7 PB(27:43)
Nick Philpott N-Tec Racing 0:27:35:0
Max Suff Ross 0:27:49:6
James Moverley RDFCC 0:28:28:4
Martin Green RDFCC 0:28:39:7
Nick Cutcliff RDFCC 0:28:48:9 PB(29:47)
Rob Newth RDFCC 0:30:26:9
Josie Evans RDFCC 0:31:14:4
Martin Howitt RDFCC 0:31:19:9
Bailey Rafferty (jnr) RDFCC 0:32:10:0 PB(34:45)
Steve Williams RDFCC DNF