May 2012 MTB Event Reports & Photos

May didn’t just see the first Wild Boar Chase, but also plenty of other MTB action from club members:

May 6th – Wiggle Enduro 6

New members Kim Mazzucca and Jane England teamed up for the female pairs at the Wiggle 6 hr race at Catton Park. This was great preparation for Jane who is also in one of our Mountain Mayhem teams. The duo finished 4th with 6hr16mins of riding, an excellent performance as they were up against some strong competition.

Photos from Rob Crayton Photography
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May 6th – Gorrick 100

Adam Taylor competed in this key event on the MTB calendar, which is now part of the new Endurance Series. There were various distance options, the longest being a 100km endurance marathon around Swinley Forest, Bracknell. After 7 laps of the 10 mile course Adam finished 15th in 6hrs58mins.

Adam Taylor
Photo from 1st Gear Cycles

May 13th – Southern XC Champs

Adam Taylor took part in the Southern Region XC Championship in Wasing managing 20th in the Masters class. Club member Jared Linden was also competing for the University of Bristol, finishing 5th in the Sports Cat.

Jared LindenAdam Taylor
Photo from 1st Gear Cycles

May 27th – Torq Rough Ride

Martin Green, Jon Batts, Alistair Willis and Ant Pollard all travelled to Kington, Herefordshire for one of the toughest mtb events in the calendar. Unfortunately Ant suffered a mechanical at the start and spent the morning in the local sipping a beer or few.

Martin completed the 48km route in 3hr36mins, Jon and Ali chose the 75km marathon finishing together in 6hr4mins.

Photos from right place right time
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Wild Boar Chase 2012 Report & Photos

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Photos courtesy of Mountain Bike Photos

May 20th 2012 saw the first edition of the Wild Boar Chase, a joint venture between the Lions Club and the RDFCC to provide an Offroad Sportive event in the Forest of Dean. The idea of the event was to use areas outside of the traditionally used Sallow Vallets enclosure and give riders a number of long distance single loop route options.

Dr John Linden devised the routes over the last six months, tweaking them here and there as they were passed back and forth between the Lions and the Forestry Commission. All routes started/finished at Speech House and passed through Parkend at the Kona Cafe (Dean Forest Cycles), splitting off to St Braivels/Redbrook for the Full Boar/Wye Boar, up to Bixslade for the Forest Boar or back up to Speech House for the Small Boar.

Entries were just a few short of being a sell out with nearly 400 riders turning up at Speech House on what felt more like a late winter morning than mid spring, luckily the rain held off and the course was drying out after evening of rain 2 days before.

A large number of riders from the RDFCC turned out, including Jon Batts, Jane England, Dave Pearce, Dave Giles, Ant Pollard, Adam Taylor, Neil Goddard, Henry ‘H’ McGill and John Linden (who spent most of the previous day riding the course and marking out with the Lions).

A few top names came to join in the fun, such as Huw Thomas (National/European 24hr Champion – Niner), Richard Samuel (Clee-Cycles KCNC) and Graeme Forbes (previous RDFCC Enduro winner). These guys set the pace from the start at just after 10am. The main field began at a more leisurely speed, there to enjoy the route and scenery whilst being shown a little more of what the Forest has to offer with the additional challenge of completing the distance.

Approximately an hour after the start saw the first of the riders reach Parkend, for a well earned pit stop of banana or cake, after which riders went their different routes to complete their chosen distances. All routes had their own thrilling single track and down hills, but these were shortly followed by long or steep climbs, none more so than the climb up from Mork Farm to Wyegate Hill, which had most (if not all) riders pushing at least some of the way.

Riders began to reach the finish after 2 hours, with the majority finishing within 3-5 hours for the various distances. Thirst and hunger were soon banished with the offering of a cup cake and bottle of drink. Unfortunately the event was affected by some mindless sign removal by other forest users. The marshals quickly reacted to this and overall the feedback was positive both at the event and online.

Plans are in progress for WBC 2013, see you there.

TAYLOR ADAM Full Boar 03:10:01
BATTS JONATHAN Full Boar 03:54:38
POLLARD ANTONY Full Boar 04:08:38
NEWTH ROBERT Full Boar 04:57:50
LINDEN JOHN Full Boar 05:08:34
ENGLAND JANE Full Boar 05:17:54
MCGILL H Full Boar 05:23:56
GODDARD NEIL Full Boar 05:52:09
GILES DAVE Full Boar 05:48:57
PEARCE DAVID Wye Boar 04:25:54



Cannop x2 – 29 May – Results


Lap 1
34:33 PB(34:41) David PEARCE RDFCC 17:25
35:20 Paul STEPHENS Ross 17:25
35:22 PB(35:35) Jamie STREATHER V.C. St Raphiel 17:35
35:45 Adam TAYLOR RDFCC 17:51
36:01 Nick PHILPOTT N-Tec Racing 17:50
36:29 Antony POLLARD RDFCC 18:16
36:35 James PECKHAM 18:11
36:37 PB(39:01) Paul JONES RDFCC 18:08
38:18 Brett IRELAND RDFCC 19:06
38:27 Shaun CARTER (juvenile) Glos City 19:05
39:32 PB(43:18) Craig FLETCHER RDFCC 19:28
40:29 Simon MCMILLAN RDFCC 20:28
40:30 Rob NEWTH RDFCC 20:05
41:26 Andy DALLOW RDFCC 20:50
45:34 Dale REED RDFCC 22:11
48:01 Gerald BRAIN Ross 23:51

Many thanks to Graham Carter for time keeping, Andy Parker for pushing off, Julie Bailey and Digby Rusling for marshalling the turns.

Next week Lydbrook 10 7:30pm.


Lydbrook 10 – 22 May – Results

Near perfect conditions allowed a clutch of PBs. Alistair Willis showing what can be done with normal road kit. Rob Newth breaking the 30 mins in tea shirt and flappy shorts.

24:23 PB(24:32) Alistair WILLIS
24:53 Matt HEAMAN
24:54 Paul STEPHENS Ross
25:02 Max SUFF Ross
26:00 PB(26:01) Antony POLLARD
26:06 Terry GRAY BRC
26:24 Nick BAINTON Bognor Regis
26:26 Simon BURKE
26:36 Kerry  TRIGG Ross
27:17 PB(27:28) Nick PROBERT
27:39 John LINDEN
28:27 PB(28:55) Craig FLETCHER
28:45 Brett IRELAND
29:31 PB(30:56) Rob NEWTH
29:45 Dale REED
30:07 Julie SUFF Ross
32:41 Julie BAILEY
32:59 Gerald BRAIN Ross

Thanks to Alan, Jim and Kevin for time keeping and pushing off, Adam and Jon for marshaling the turn.

Next week meet at Boys Grave car park for 2 laps of the Cannop Circuit, 7:30pm start.


Junior MTB Time Trial 16/05/12 Results


1 Lap

First name Last name Race number Gender Age category Finish time
Ben Beckinsale 8 Male Yr 8 to 10 00:19:28
Megan James 6 Female Yr 5 to 7 00:19:51
Joe Beckinsale 9 Male Yr 5 to 7 00:20:27
Tom Wilson 21 Male Yr 5 to 7 00:22:41
James Watson 20 Male Yr 8 to 10 00:23:06
Ian Taylor 17 Male Yr 8 to 10 00:24:15
Lance Hutchinson 19 Male Yr 5 to 7 00:24:17
Carl Crowley 4 Male Yr 5 to 7 00:24:26
Michael Horrocks 13 Male Yr 8 to 10 00:27:58
Jack Morgan 14 Male Yr 5 to 7 00:28:17
Finn Winstanley 16 Male Yr 4 and under 00:30:31
Archie Morgan 12 Male Yr 4 and under 00:31:17
Yannick Solandt 7 Male Yr 5 to 7 00:31:20
Taka Yamagata 18 Male Yr 4 and under 00:33:23
William Compton 3 Male Yr 4 and under 00:34:05
Roan Delaney 11 Male Yr 4 and under 00:41:30
Dylan Morgan 15 Male Yr 4 and under 00:45:00

2 Laps

First name Last name Race number Gender Age category Finish time Lap 1 Split Time Lap 2 Split Time
Sam Beckinsale 10 Male Yr 11 to 13 00:33:07 00:16:01 00:17:06
Teifion Best 1 Male Yr 8 to 10 00:38:09 00:18:53 00:19:15
Harrisson Gould 5 Male Yr 8 to 10 00:41:21 00:20:43 00:20:38
Ieuan Best 2 Male Yr 8 to 10 00:42:38 00:20:36 00:22:01

Short Hilly Lydbrook – 15 May – Results

With roads slick after the hail storm it was one of those nights when you ask yourself “Why do we do this?”. With less meaningful timing due to the short course and the cold and wet descent over the new chippings to the start it is hard to see the gain. Still 7 riders took the challenge and were rewarded by one of the most scenic climbs in the Lower Wye on which to fight for time. Seconds separated Paul, Alistair and Adam on the 2mile climb – no time to admire the view! After the ride a good spread of sandwiches and chips were enjoyed in the pub.

37:34 Paul SHARPE
38:15 Alistair WILLIS
40:19 Adam TAYLOR
41:24 Nick BAINTON Bognor Regis
45:25 John LINDEN
45:43 Aly ROWELL
47:45 Rob NEWTH

Thanks to Alan, Jim and Kevin for time keeping and pushing off, Antony and Martin for marshaling the turn.

Next week Lydbrook 10, 7:30 start.