Cannop x1 – 20th August 2019 – Results

Dry cool evening with times affected by surface dressing on Speech Ho descent. 7 riders out, Craig fastest on the night. Despite the loose gravel a good clutch of PBs! Thanks Earl pushing off.

NameClubFinish Time Old PBPB Now
Craig BuffryRDFCC0:15:35:4PB0:15:47:40:15:35:4
Rick HarrisRoss0:16:13:1PB0:16:24:00:16:13:1
Rob NewthRDFCC0:17:15:0PB0:17:16:20:17:15:0
Digby RuslingRDFCC0:18:36:70:16:55:0
Dale ReedRDFCC0:18:50:8PB0:19:34:30:18:50:8
Matt NealeRDFCC0:19:34:60:18:41:0
Ali ColquhounRDFCC0:20:23:40:20:23:4