May 13th – Cannop – Results

Rob Newth and Dave Hutchinson rode the Cannop course in the rain.

Dave Hutchinson (VC Raphael): 17:44, 17:58, 18:11 : 53:53

Rob Newth: 21:21, 21:43 : 43:04

Next week will be the new Tintern 10 course. Meet in the car park on the left just north of the Brockweir turn on the A466. 7:15pm sign on for 7:30pm start.

Thanks to Julie for marshalling, Alan timekeeping.

May 7th – Cannop x1 – Results

Finally RDFCC hits the road for the first TT of the season. Lurvly sunny evening though with a touch of a headwind down Cannop (or so it felt). A few PBs, good improvement for Adam and Paul. Mat shaving 1 second off his time by the use of RDFCC leg warmers.


16:42 PB(17:02) Jamie STREATHER VC St Raphiel
16:50 PB(17:57) Adam TAYLOR
16:59 Dave PEARCE
17:11 PB(17:49) Paul STEPHENS Ross
17:28 Digby RUSLING
17:47 Mat HEAMAN
17:48 James PECKHAM
18:01 Glenn HARVEY SVT
18:10 John LINDEN
18:57 Antony POLLARD
19:45 Alan JONES
19:59 PB(20:11) Andy DALLOW
22:57 Julie BAILEY
23:32 Ian WAREING

Next week will be 2 laps of Cannop – 6:45 sign-on for 7pm start

Thanks to Andy and Jason for marshalling, Alan timekeeping and Earl pushing off.



Vintage Tankard – Results

Might not have been perfect TT weather but for this time of year it was way better than could be expected. All three clubs fielding full teams posting fast individual times. Ross with fastest rider, Will Bevan, and overall strength keeping the Tankard for another year. The team scores are:-

Ross 262:30
RDFCC 275:52 13:22
Phoenix 292:56 30:26

Refreshment in the New Inn after was very welcome.

W Bevan Ross 37:58
G Rees Phoenix 39:34
A Willis RDFCC 43:11
M Fallon Ross 43:19
A Taylor RDFCC 44:32
P Fallon Ross 44:36
M Heaman RDFCC 45:20
P Stevens Ross 45:21
G Carter Ross 45:24
D Mollison Phoenix 45:34
A Hodgson Phoenix 45:37
M Suff Ross 45:52
D Rusling RDFCC 47:09
P Jones RDFCC 47:17
D Kealaher Phoenix 48:13
A Pollard RDFCC 48:24
J Linden RDFCC 49:12
G Snowball Phoenix 49:13
C Chappe Ross 50:17
A Jones RDFCC 50:45
R Newth RDFCC 51:03
H McGill RDFCC 51:36
R Harrington Ross 51:41
S Ardern RDFCC 51:54
A Dallow RDFCC 52:44
J Evans RDFCC 58:09
S Price RDFCC 58:19
M Bull Phoenix 64:46
G Brain Ross 65:43

Big thanks to Alan for timing, Simon pushing off and Martin marshaling the turn and the other supporters who ran kit back from start to finish!


Speech House Hill Climb – 28th Aug – Results

Short dry spell and relatively good turn out for what is not the most pleasant event in the calendar. Jack Reed again fastest. Digby’s time would be better if he’d been told where the finish was.

4:12 Jack REED (Junior) Performance Cycles-CMI
4:51 Adam TAYLOR
4:52 PB(5:00) Nick PHILPOTT N-Tec Racing
5:00 Digby RUSLING
5:20 Antony POLLARD
5:43 PB(5:44) Rob NEWTH
6:38 Josie EVANS
7:38 Dale REED

Thanks to Julie and Chris Time Keeping and Pushing Off respectively.

Next event Sunday Oct 7th – Vintage Tankard on the Hilly Lydbrook course. 10:30 start. Please meet at the New Inn car park for sign on. Volunteers for team please contact Mat. Supporters welcome.




Parkend 1km – 21st Aug – Results

A good turn out and good weather for the penultimate event in the Club Tuesday evening calendar this season. Digby fastest man and riding fixed again – an average of nearly 25mph.

1:15 Digby RUSLING
1:17 Jack REED (Junior) Performance Cycles-CMI
1:17 Matt HEAMAN
1:18 Andrew PARKER
1:18 Adam TAYLOR
1:19 Nick BAINTON Bognor Regis
1:19 PB(1:23) Nick PHILPOTT N-Tec Racing
1:22 Brett IRELAND
1:23 PB(1:25) Antony POLLARD
1:26 John LINDEN
1:30 Josie EVANS
1:34 Rob NEWTH
1:35 Gerald BRAIN Ross
1:37 Julie BAILEY

Thanks to Mat and Julie timing and Chris pushing off.

Next week Speech House Hill climb – meet in the lay-by on the left going down the hill.




Lydbrook 10 – 14th Aug – Results

Warm sunny and windless – best TT weather this summer – but strangely slow even accounting for the shocking road surface on this course. Many riders in the low 26s.

23:16 Colin PARRY Willier/Love2Ride
25:29 Dave PEARCE
25:57 Bob PARRY
26:21 Paul JONES
26:22 Antony POLLARD
26:23 Nick BAINTON Bognor Regis
26:25 Digby RUSLING
28:37 John LINDEN
28:55 Rob NEWTH
30:14 Mark BURNS
31:05 Josie EVANS
32:41 Gerald BRAIN Ross

Thanks to Mat for forgetting his shoes, assisted by Julie (forgetting the earlier start), and thanks Samm for marshaling the turn.

Next week 1km sprint – meet at Dean Forest Cycles for 7pm start.