Cannop x3 – 26 June – Results

Warm and humid evening with a glimpse of sun. A good turn out of 13 for this the hardest of the Clubs TT events. Most of the riders were new to the 3 lap version of the course.

lap1 lap2 lap3 finish time
Earl SMITH 15:38 15:34 15:44 46:56
James PECKHAM 16:51 17:12 17:22 51:25
Digby RUSLING 17:16 17:34 17:48 52:38
Adam TAYLOR 17:56 18:25 18:06 54:27
Antony POLLARD 18:24 18:42 18:31 55:37
Nick BAINTON 18:54 19:06 19:08 57:08
Brett IRELAND 19:14 19:50 19:19 58:23
John LINDEN 19:04 19:36 19:43 58:23
Shaun CARTER (juv) Glos City CC 19:22 20:39 20:11 60:12
Rob NEWTH 19:56 20:42 20:18 60:56
Andrew DALLOW 21:20 21:12 20:46 63:18
Simon McMillan 21:19 22:05 22:15 65:39
Trevor KINGDON 22:33 23:41 25:54 72:08

Thanks to Graham for time keeping and Paul for both pushing off and marshaling.

Next week Lydbrook 10.

Lydbrook 10 – 19 June – Results

Glorious weather window and roads quiet from the football. Welcome return of Earl stamping his mark again. Digby truly got the measure of the course.

22:59 Earl SMITH
24:28 PB(26:47) Digby RUSLING Calder Clarion
25:01 Matt HEAMAN
25:21 Paul STEPHENS Ross
25:48 Sam Walker Ross
25:49 Nick BAINTON Bognor Regis
26:19 PB(26:41) Adam TAYLOR
26:22 Simon BURKE
26:28 Paul JONES
27:11 Tom KNIGHT Climb on Bikes
28:48 PB(29:31) Rob NEWTH
29:35 Andrew DALLOW
29:50 Simon McMILLAN
33:42 Debbie McMILLAN

Thanks to Julie pushing off and Bart marshaling the turn.

Next week Cannop x 3


Speech House 10 – 12 June – Results

Not a bad night. PBs for Dave and Colin, the others were new to this tough course.

23:28 PB(23:31) Colin PARRY Willier/Live2Ride
26:16 PB(29:10) Dave PEARCE
27:42 Adam TAYLOR
27:43 Digby RUSLING Calder Clarion
28:01 Nick PHILPOTT N-Tec Racing
30:57 Rob NEWTH

Thanks to Alan Crowley for time keeping, Mat and Nick Bainton marshaling.



Lydbrook 10 – 22 May – Results

Near perfect conditions allowed a clutch of PBs. Alistair Willis showing what can be done with normal road kit. Rob Newth breaking the 30 mins in tea shirt and flappy shorts.

24:23 PB(24:32) Alistair WILLIS
24:53 Matt HEAMAN
24:54 Paul STEPHENS Ross
25:02 Max SUFF Ross
26:00 PB(26:01) Antony POLLARD
26:06 Terry GRAY BRC
26:24 Nick BAINTON Bognor Regis
26:26 Simon BURKE
26:36 Kerry  TRIGG Ross
27:17 PB(27:28) Nick PROBERT
27:39 John LINDEN
28:27 PB(28:55) Craig FLETCHER
28:45 Brett IRELAND
29:31 PB(30:56) Rob NEWTH
29:45 Dale REED
30:07 Julie SUFF Ross
32:41 Julie BAILEY
32:59 Gerald BRAIN Ross

Thanks to Alan, Jim and Kevin for time keeping and pushing off, Adam and Jon for marshaling the turn.

Next week meet at Boys Grave car park for 2 laps of the Cannop Circuit, 7:30pm start.


Short Hilly Lydbrook – 15 May – Results

With roads slick after the hail storm it was one of those nights when you ask yourself “Why do we do this?”. With less meaningful timing due to the short course and the cold and wet descent over the new chippings to the start it is hard to see the gain. Still 7 riders took the challenge and were rewarded by one of the most scenic climbs in the Lower Wye on which to fight for time. Seconds separated Paul, Alistair and Adam on the 2mile climb – no time to admire the view! After the ride a good spread of sandwiches and chips were enjoyed in the pub.

37:34 Paul SHARPE
38:15 Alistair WILLIS
40:19 Adam TAYLOR
41:24 Nick BAINTON Bognor Regis
45:25 John LINDEN
45:43 Aly ROWELL
47:45 Rob NEWTH

Thanks to Alan, Jim and Kevin for time keeping and pushing off, Antony and Martin for marshaling the turn.

Next week Lydbrook 10, 7:30 start.




Lydbrook 10 – 8 May – Results

First decent evening weather wise also brought out a plague of biting flies making riding a much better option that officiating. A number of PBs, Julie already bettering her PB from previous seasons, Rob on track for sub-30 in his first season, Digby getting the measure of the course and Paul – the man on fire this season.

23:43 PB(25:11) Paul SHARPE
24:49 Paul STEPHENS Ross
25:07 Matt HEAMAN
26:14 Jon BATTS
26:43 Antony POLLARD
26:47 PB(27:30) Digby RUSLING Calder Clarion
27:06 Adam TAYLOR
28:41 John LINDEN
30:56 PB(32:04) Rob NEWTH
31:11 Dale REED
32:40 PB(32:49) Julie BAILEY

Thanks to Nick Bainton and Jim for timekeeping, Kevin pushing off and Julie Stephens marshaling the turn.

Next week Hilly Lydbrook, meet in the Pub car park at Shortstanding to sign on for 6:45. Chips on the Club in the pub after.