2nd July – Tintern 10 – Results

Forecast as rain though strangely dry despite driving drizzle at Bigsweir. The strong wind channeled by the valley – something for riders to beware of – pegging back times but overcome by Jon Batts setting a storming time on a road bike and by Paul and Rob pushing down their PBs.

26:10 Dave HUTCHINSON VC St Raphiel
26:25 Jon BATTS
27:09 Adam TAYLOR
27:41 Digby RUSLING
28:26 Paul JONES
29:14 PB(29:33) Paul SIMMONS
30:02 Will BOWES-McTEAR
30:49 PB(30:53) Rob NEWTH
31:03 Rob LESTER
33:49 Mark BURNS
34:23 Julie BAILEY

Thanks to Bart for marshaling the turn.


25 June – Cannop x3 – Results

Fine still evening for 11 riders on the Cannop circuit. Paul “fresh” off the plane from the GV tour cutting over 1 minute off his PB. The bunch closely packed into the following few minutes.

lap1 lap2 lap3 finish time
Paul STEPHENS Ross PB(52:53) 17:08 17:19 17:18 51:45
Ben GIBSON 17:28 17:47 17:35 52:50
Digby RUSLING 17:23 17:46 17:48 52:57
Jared LINDEN PB(55:05) 17:30 18:02 17:26 52:58
Nick PHILPOT N-Tech Racing 17:31 17:55 17:48 53:24
David PEARCE 17:33 18:07 17:55 53:35
Adam TAYLOR 17:38 18:17 18:11 54:06
Paul SIMMONS 19:05 19:30 20:28 59:03
Rob NEWTH 19:40 20:08 20:17 60:05
Henry McGILL 20:34 21:01 20:47 62:22
Josie EVANS 20:58 21:25 21:35 63:58

Thanks to Alan for time keeping, Earl and Ant marshaling.

18 June – Tintern 10 – Results

Another fine evening on the Tintern 10. Colin Parry wheeling out his TT bike to take nearly 1 minute off his record and setting a time that makes the course look flat. Josie Evans also setting a new course record taking nearly 2 minutes off Julies time. Good PBs for Jared, Paul, Mark and the Sumners.

22:59 Course Record (23:54) Colin PARRY Spin Rotor
25:18 Dave HUTCHINSON VC St Raphiel
26:52 Paul STEPHENS Ross
26:58 PB(27:26) Jared LINDEN
28:16 PB(28:36) Paul JONES
28:22 Nick PHILPOT N-Tech Racing
28:27 Ashley HUTCHINSON VC St Raphiel
30:06 Antony POLLARD
30:53 PB(30:57) Rob NEWTH
31:29 Henry McGILL
32:34 Course Record (34:19) Josie EVANS
33:46 PB(34:35) Mark BURNS
37:12 PB(41:66) Tony SUMNER
46:53 PB(50:38) Chelsie SUMNER

Thanks to Julian marshaling the turn and Big Bob pushing off and calling numbers.

Next week Cannop x3




11 June – Speech House 10 – Results

Earl fastest man on the night. Good PBs for Adam, Nick and Paul. Myself and Rob shaving off a few seconds.

23:38 Earl SMITH CCWRT
24:47 Dave HUTCHINSON VC St Raphiel
25:57 PB(27:42) Adam TAYLOR
26:37 Dave PEARCE
26:38 PB(28:01) Nick PHILPOT N-Tech Racing
26:43 Jared LINDEN
27:07 Paul STEPHENS Ross
27:25 PB(28:44) Paul JONES
28:01 Digby RUSLING
28:32 PB(28:42) John LINDEN
28:52 Steve WILLIAMS
29:13 Paul SIMMONS
30:28 Henry McGILL
30:41 PB(30:57) Rob NEWTH
31:35 Mark AUSTIN
33:47 Julie BAILEY

Thanks to Jon and Ant for Time Keeping and Pushing Off



June 4 – Tintern 10 – Results

Another fine evening and good turn out on the new course. Colin inevitably and seemingly effortlessly taking the course record. Julie also setting a new record and PB. Notable reductions in PB for Dave, Adam and Jared.

23:54 Course Record(25:30) Colin PARRY Spin Rotor
25:04 PB(25:30) Dave HUTCHINSON VC St Raphiel
26:19 2 Up Ben GIBSON
26:28 PB(27:37) Adam TAYLOR
27:26 PB(29:57) Jared LINDEN
27:41 Dave PEARCE
27:43 Nick PHILPOT N-Tech Racing
28:34 Martin GREEN
28:44 Will BOWES-McTEAR
29:38 Paul SIMMONS
29:51 PB(29:57) Antony POLLARD
30:22 PB(30:49) Mark AUSTIN
31:03 Rob NEWTH
34:19 Course Record(37:27) Julie BAILEY
41:56 Tony SUMNER
50:38 Chelsie SUMNER

Thanks to the turn marshals… next time we must keep one of you back for pushing off!

Next week Speech House 10.

May 21st – Tintern 10 – Results

Nice evening for the first TT on the new and very scenic UC620 – Tintern 10 course.  The sixteen riders provide a spread of times defining the envelope to aim for. Fastest and now course record holder David Hutchinson (VC St Raphiel) laying down a time that would look good on a flat course. Julie Bailey takes the course record for the Ladies by default but with a time that may stand as long as the Mens record. For the time keeper the speed of the riders at the finish takes some getting use to. First in and most impressive was Paul Jones. Digby, who had the idea for the course, is the fastest RDFCC rider, setting himself a 10 second target to get into the “26s”.

25:30 Course Record Dave HUTCHINSON VC St Raphiel
27:09 Digby RUSLING
27:37 Adam TAYLOR
27:46 James PECKHAM
27:50 Ben GIBSON
28:36 Paul JONES
28:57 Richard BAYFIELD
29:33 Paul SIMMONS
29:57 Antony POLLARD
29:57 Jared LINDEN
30:49 Mark AUSTIN
30:57 Rob NEWTH
31:08 Clive CHAPPE Ross
34:35 Mark BURNS
37:13 Ian WAREING
37:27  Course Record Julie BAILEY

Big thanks to Jon for cycling up and marshalling the turn and Kevin and Jim for pushing off.

Next week (28th) is Cannop x2 – 7:30 start

The next event on UC620 is June 10 – riders input on whether the course is suitable for 2 up will be taken on the night.