2015-16 RDFCC Survey

We would like to know your thoughts on the Club, please help us by completing the following survey.

Regards RDFCC Committee



RDFCC Kit Vote – Stage 2

Dear Member

Thanks to all members who recently submitted designs for a new RDFCC jersey.

The committee narrowed the submitted designs down to two and along with the current designs ie. The “race” and “leisure” we are asking you to vote on one design from the four to be the “official” RDFCC jersey. The “leisure“ jersey will remain as an alternative if this does not receive the most votes.

Please find attached the four designs.

One vote for one design option please.

Email your vote to info@rdfcc.org.uk (reply to this email) or submitted in person at the next committee meeting on the 01/06/16, no later than 8pm. The email vote closes at midnight on the 31st May.

Please note your membership must be UP TO DATE for your vote to count, memberships were due on 1st Sept and are overdue on the 1st Dec. Please contact Graham (gscarter@btinternet.com) if in doubt.

We are also hoping to change our kit suppliers, more info. can be found at http://champ-sys.co.uk/

Any queries please contact Ant Pollard.

RDFCC Kit Review Policy
RDFCC Club Kit Webpage


Antony Pollard
RDFCC Shop Co-ordinator


RDFCC-Kit-ReDesign-2016-stage2-opt1RDFCC-Kit-ReDesign-2016-stage2-opt2 RDFCC-Kit-ReDesign-2016-stage2-opt3RDFCC-Kit-ReDesign-2016-stage2-opt4

RDFCC @ Forest Activities Festival

Some results from the turbo shopper TT at Forest Activity Festival last weekend. The mayoral party didn’t post a time unfortunately.
> Juniors
Jack B 2.20, James B 2.31, Luke 2.36
> Senior
Dave B 1.33, Jamie L 1.40, Al G(?) 1.42
> Ladies
Sarah 2.20, Kate 3.02, Harriet 3.20

Apologies if any errors

Dave Bucknall’s 1.33 was impressive.
Thanks again to him for bringing the bling TT bike and helping during the day. Matt Neal for the turbo trainer etc, Adam for gazebo duties, Neil and Ethan for building a bike and everyone else for stopping in to say hello.

If the local road works carry this may be the only way of getting a ride.Activty Day with Mayor