3rd Sept – Fetter Hill HC

Lure of chips brings in Ben. Lure of a Course Record brings in Colin.

7:49 Course Record(8:39) Colin PARRY Spin Rotor
8:33 PB(8:39) Jared LINDEN
9:11 PB(9:27) Adam TAYLOR
10:04 Ben OLIVER
10:19 Martin GREEN
10:34 Nick CUTCLIFFE
10:48 Rob NEWTH
10:54 Paul SIMMONS
11:07 Rob LESTER
11:08 John LINDEN
11:46 Neil MATTHEWS
12:01 Henry McGILL
12:10 Course Record(12:12) Julie BAILEY
13:07 Josie EVANS

Thanks Mat and Ant Time Keeping and Martin organising the chips and sandwiches.