2nd Sept – Fetter Hill – Results

Twelve riders out on a fine evening working up an appetite for chips and sarnys. Good PB for Josie on the back of her performance in the Woody Tri, and for H.

Thanks Jon and Earl for timekeeping and pushing off.

Adam TAYLOR 9:07 PB(9:11)
Callum PHILPOTT 9:37
Antony POLLARD 10:13
Martin GREEN 10:17 PB(10:19)
Paul JONES 10:23
James MOVERLEY 10:28
Rob NEWTH 10:29 PB(10:48)
Henry McGILL 10:32 PB(12:01)
Nick CUTCLIFFE 10:32 PB(10:34)
Alan JONES 10:54
Josie EVANS 11:53 PB(13:07)
Richard BIDDINGTON 11:55