2nd July – Tintern 10 – Results

Forecast as rain though strangely dry despite driving drizzle at Bigsweir. The strong wind channeled by the valley – something for riders to beware of – pegging back times but overcome by Jon Batts setting a storming time on a road bike and by Paul and Rob pushing down their PBs.

26:10 Dave HUTCHINSON VC St Raphiel
26:25 Jon BATTS
27:09 Adam TAYLOR
27:41 Digby RUSLING
28:26 Paul JONES
29:14 PB(29:33) Paul SIMMONS
30:02 Will BOWES-McTEAR
30:49 PB(30:53) Rob NEWTH
31:03 Rob LESTER
33:49 Mark BURNS
34:23 Julie BAILEY

Thanks to Bart for marshaling the turn.