23rd July – Cannop x2 – Results

Good turn out, well done to Jared who wins on an Audax bike with no aero kit.

Thanks to Alan and Jon for timing and Earl for marshalling.


Jared LINDEN 33:12 PB(33:36)
Digby RUSLING 34:26
Dave PEARCE 34:29 PB(34:31)
Nick PHILPOT 34:57 PB(35:09)
Paul STEPHENS 35:16
James PECKHAM 35:35 PB(36:35)
Ash HUTCHINSON 35:41 PB(36:03)
Martin GREEN 35:48
Steve WILLIAMS 38:07
Rob LESTER 38:33
Robert NEWTH 39:44
Andy DALLOW 39:56 PB(41:26)
Dave GILES 40:42
Martin HOWITT 40:44
Julie BAILEY 42:44
Ian WAREING 45:51
Dale REED 51:07

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  1. Well done everyone it was impressive to witness the professional organisation and nice big clear signage for other road users.
    I hope to be joining the club very shortly.
    Best wishes

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