21st July – Hilly Lydbrook 15 – Results

Windy night but very fast time 1sec off CR for the SVC Paul Jones, and a number of other good PBs.

NameClubFinish Time Old PB
Paul nfto JonesSVC0:36:54:6
Rich HuntSVC0:37:20:7
Earl SmithRDFCC0:39:27:9
Ant WhiteRDFCC0:41:42:5
Adam TaylorRDFCC0:42:37:7PB(0:42:42:0)
Jared LindenRDFCC0:43:20:1PB(0:45:33:0)
Mat HeamanSVC0:43:47:1
Max SuffRoss0:44:10:6PB(0:44:57:0)
Antony PollardRDFCC0:44:53:8
Paul JonesRDFCC0:45:36:6PB(0:46:21:0)
Iwona SzmydRDFCC0:46:26:8
Nick CutcliffeRDFCC0:46:43:1
Rob NewthRDFCC0:47:12:9
Paul HudsonSVC0:47:58:2PB(0:49:24:0)
Andy DallowRDFCC0:50:20:5PB(0:50:37:0)
Henry McGillRDFCC0:50:38:5

Thanks Mat marshaling turn and Mark pushing off, and Mike for chips and sarnies.