11 June – Speech House 10 – Results

Earl fastest man on the night. Good PBs for Adam, Nick and Paul. Myself and Rob shaving off a few seconds.

23:38 Earl SMITH CCWRT
24:47 Dave HUTCHINSON VC St Raphiel
25:57 PB(27:42) Adam TAYLOR
26:37 Dave PEARCE
26:38 PB(28:01) Nick PHILPOT N-Tech Racing
26:43 Jared LINDEN
27:07 Paul STEPHENS Ross
27:25 PB(28:44) Paul JONES
28:01 Digby RUSLING
28:32 PB(28:42) John LINDEN
28:52 Steve WILLIAMS
29:13 Paul SIMMONS
30:28 Henry McGILL
30:41 PB(30:57) Rob NEWTH
31:35 Mark AUSTIN
33:47 Julie BAILEY

Thanks to Jon and Ant for Time Keeping and Pushing Off